Friday, January 21, 2011

Through the Eye of My Youngest

So, this am BOO saw my tripod out and my camera nearby, and decided he would like to have Technology Day for school.

"What do you mean Technology Day? What do you want to learn about?"
To which he replied,


{ still my beating heart!!}

 I replied calmy and collectedly, "Um...I think we can swing that."

And so, I proceeded to tell him about aperture and shutter speed and how the camera really works like your own eyeball (you know, flashing back to my days of a practicing optometric physician); the pupil being analogous to the aperture. He learned more about direct and indirect/inverse relationships and how changing one setting of the camera affects the others.
I tell ya, cameras are a great topic of study, you get art, physics. anatomy, math and more...all in one little fifteen minute discussion.

After we completed a little Q&A session, I left him to himself. I quietly went to work prepping for the next school lesson and honestly forgot he had left the room. He came back about 10 minutes later and set the camera back in the middle of the room, affixed atop the tripod.
These are the shots he captured and that I just downloaded into iPhoto:

First off...

...our little cherubim boy (or cupid) that we created this morning for art class. Love how the spotlight (sunlight) seems to be making its way to him.
 Like how he add artistic angle to this one below:
 Evidence of homeschooling exists here:
The cluttered, eclectic mess of daily living. Even got the pink lanyard with school "Visitor" ID that I had laced over the lampshade so as not to misplace it.

 He captured Mick practicing a tune for tonight's youth lock-in at church. Cool that he captured this shot authentically, no staging or awareness from Mick.

 Obviously the flash fired on this one. Digging the fact that he caught Hugsley feasting
 on his Lickin's. Love his tongue sticking out. Lip smackin good I tell ya!
 Bella girl. In full mellow mode.
 Obviously he learned a little bit about overexposure in the above pic and corrected it nicely below.
Not a bad start I think. Next lesson we will take on composition and the rule of thirds. ;-)


  1. How clever is your little guy! A great lesson idea..x

  2. Yay! Good job! I love the interest. My youngest has also taken an interest. I love it when we both race for the best shot of something - or I can see that her "wheels" are turning the same way as mine w/ the same great idea! "Great minds think alike," we say. Fun times! Thanks for you sweet comments on my joyful flowers. Have a great weekend Suz!

  3. Wow! Great photos for 10 mins instruction. I love the ones he caught of his dad. :)

    Perhaps you can repeat that lesson for me sometime? ;)


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