Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finding My One Little Word in Music...

...and in Cyberspace today.
I was checking my blog and perusing a few others who have been following mine when I came across this video that was tweeted on this blog-following-cyberspace-friend-of-mine here. I clicked on the tweet and it sent me to this lovely website:

So here is the video:

I particularly was drawn to the lyric at the bottom "Outside my Own Little World-It's Population Me."
It struck a chord with me that the lyrics were very similar to my "One Little Word"- J.O.Y. {Putting Jesus + Others ahead of Yourself (in this case, myself); being less ego-centric, less self-centered}. Focusing on the bigger picture. Placing Numero Uno Himself at the forefront of our/my daily life.

Thank you Matthew West for inspiring us all through your motivational + inspirational music and messages.
Life is more J.O.Y.-ful with you in it!



  1. Hi there from Western Australia! Thanks for your comment on my McDonalds layout! Yep, we call in "Macca's", "Maccy D's" "Donny Mac's"... but mostly "Macca's" - everyone calls it that even more than "McDonalds" ha ha ha! Thanks again for your blog love!!! :D :D :D

  2. I enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing. xx


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