Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I can't decide...

what type of window treatments I want in our house.We've lived here for just over two years non and I think it's time to get a few more windows covered.I bought a few clearanced curtains today at local store to try out for size and color combo. Still need to decide on hardware-but that of course will depend on whether or not I stick with curtains or go with roman shades or plantation blinds. Sometimes it is hard to commit.

So proud of myself!I just made it through 2 hours of Creating Keepsakes on QVC and didn't buy one single thing! That is something to talk about!

I had several visitors this pm for lunch-several family members-all accounted for there were 12.It was loud, boisterous and messy at times (Ethan spilled his milk-again!)but it was still great to see everyone.

I'm busy "Spring" Cleaning again. Yep. That's right. Time to thin down and pare down. Yesterday I went through all of Ian's school memorabilia from Preschool to Second and thinned down the collection. We also cleaned up the toyroom. I touched up all of the walls in the house too. Afterwards, I stained a night table. Today I worked on our closets and drawers. I hope to get to the garage this weekend as well as to get the basement painted in the next two weeks. Oh, I also MUST thin down and organize my scrappin' space. I don't think that's such a tall order to fill, do you? LOL
Anyhoo...really tired-so I'm going to clear off the pile of laundry (I folded but haven't put away yet)that's on our bed so I can get some shuteye! TTFN

Thursday, July 20, 2006


How seems to be the popular question of late.This simple question is frequently asked by my introspective 8 year-old but now it appears the gene has been passed on to little bro. Lately he's been all about how things work and how things happen. Leave it to my boys to not ask the usual "Why" question but instead the more difficult question (at least in my eyes), How? Today we were riding home from tennis when Ethan popped out the question, "Mommy, how does spit get in my mouth?" (Hmmmm........whatever made him think about that?) to which I replied, (after some consideration) "Well, Boo, you have salivary glands in your mouth that help make the spit." Hopefully that was accurate enough information for now to quell his intellect-at least long enough for me to "Ask Jeeves" LOL.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

some days...
do not go as planned. Today was one of them. It didn't matter that we got up two ours before we had to be at tennis- we still managed to get out the door without hats, our thermos of ice cold water. Oh, and did I mention that we somehow didn't get home from Ian's baseball game last night with the thermos so I had to dig out an ancient one from back in my days of HS tennis. I actually dropped Ian off at the tennis drill and Boo and I ran to local dollar store for a hat and canteen and a few Aquafinas. He managed to get through the drill without any heat stroke-hit 102+ heat index least their was a teeny weeny breeze while we were there. So...

we got a call this pm from an older gentleman who said (guess what?)his daughter had found our thermos at the park. Yippee! We went to go pick it up. Nice people. Kind of them to track us down. Sure made for a good end to a day that started out less than optimal. Refreshing to know there are still good people out there. I discussed the whole thing with the boys and we talked about paying things forward and about doing the right thing. Hopefully some of it sunk in.

This afternoon Ian took up digital scrapbooking for the first time. He'll probably be helping me out before I know it! That's a-ok by me! I can certainly use the help.

Got new neighbors yesterday at the end of the street. Haven't met them yet-but know they ride well-sporting a sleek black Mercedes. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll have boys our kids' age. I'm not betting any money on it though-since they drive a Mercedes-I doubt they have kids. If they do they probably don't get to ride in it1 LOL
Sorry for the sarcasm-it's getting late.

It's supposed to be record heat again tomorrow. Maybe we'll catch a movie-haven;t been to one in over a year. I know the boys would like Over the Hedge or Cars. We'll see how the day goes.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tennis, tennis and more tennis

Had group drills at local tennis courts for Ian and Boo and I hit awhile. He's actually getting much better at making contact with the ball.I also taught him where the different lines were on the court-had him run to each line-made a game of it-which he seemed to like. A friend called little after three and offered us four ticket to local pro tennis match-(she's not into tennis and bless her heart-remembered I was). I was already scheduled to play tennis so Mick ended up taking the boys and the son of my friend. They all came home with new rackets and balls-super excited and pumped up aboutthe game! It is so awesome to be an observer of a passion being born! My friend's son said "It was the best day of his life!" How adorable is that? Of course with my love of tennis I think that comment really rocks-but how cool to think that this eight year old has som many more best days of his life in the future?

I played ok at tennis tonight-my serve neeeds a ton of help in the consistency dept. Double faulted on game point on at least two occasions-big nono-but did serve up an ace or two. Hit for another hour singles with another friend who is literally a human backboard-gets everything back-I mean everything. I ran a lot of shots down to night to the point I thought I was going to puke! But, i still love the game! Next week ought to be interesting as it's supposed to be over 100+ with the heat index.

Lucky me though, I get to go to pro match tomorrow night as another friend invited Mick and me to go to the match. VIP dinner and boxed seats. I'm soooo pumped!

Mick and I decided to stay home for a weekend and try to get some much needed things done around the house. Still need to paint basement and to purge out closets, toy room, etc. Don't really think we'll get it all done-but we can sure see how fun it will be to try! ;)

Got news today that my MIL and SIL both had visits to ER over the past week. Both appear to have been stress related. Imagine that? In the world we live in? I just keep counting my blessings that I haven't show up there yet!:)
Also received an email that extened family member is on his deathbed-stage four cancer due to smoking for years. I don't know many of you who smoke but I do know their are a few of my loved ones out there thatdo-so if you read this-please stop! We want you around for a long time-do it for your kids if nothing else! JUST DO IT!

Went to one of my favorite photographer's blog and she is having a hands on seminar to learn about photography and photo editing and much more. I would love to go to it but there's only about 15 slots for people to attend and in just one day over 300 people have responded showing interest. We'll see if anything comes of it-my luck would be I can't afford it if I actually get picked to attend! LOL! Well, if it's meant to's meant to be...sigh....
more later!TTFN

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Yep...Ethan came up with a good one today. He has an eye disorder (Brown's Superior Oblique Tendon Sheath Syndrome to be precise) which doesn't allow his left eye to elevate the way it is supposed to (it's really pronounced when he gazes up). Well, he refers to it as his "Eye Trick" and will on numerous occasions put on a show for all to see by making it "Wig Out". Anyhoo, on the way to tennis today he, out of the blue says "I think my eye trick has run out of batteries." -leave it to the kid;)

Made some yummy caramel pecan rolls for BF today and some homemade blackberry crisp for dessert after dinner. I just love the summer for all of the fresh fruits and veggies that are readily available.

At dinner last night Ian ordered a cheeseburger and replied that he wanted some tomato and salad to go with it. He keeps referring to lettuce as salad. I clarified this for the waitress so that Ian wouldn't be surprised when she came back with a side salad instead of tomato and lettuce on his burger. He did the same this past Sat. when we went to the Farmer's Market and pointed to a tiny head of cabbage and asked if he could have some salad.

Visited HM and Ben today. Just saw them Sat and the cute lil dude (6mos)has started shaking his head no. It's quite comical ti see. Such an expressive little guy-definitely need to take more pics of him.

To the cousins (you know who you are) that visited last Fri. Hope you had a safe trip home and it was wonderful to see all of you again. We defintely need to get together more often! Tell the rest of the Fam hello!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Colored Cheerios

yep...that's right. Today Ethan asked daddy to pour him a bowl of "Colored" Cheerios. In actuality, what he wanted was a recently purchased,special treat, one-time-only bag of Tootie Frooties. You didn't actually think I'd buy the name brand now, would ya? That boy never ceases to bring a chuckle along the way.

After surviving (barely) a weekend with four boisterous boys our lives returned to some semblancy. I took Ethan to T-Ball.That was an experience. Due to rainy weather they played inside. Three four year old boys attempting to catch pop-up balls from a tennis ball type machine proved quite comical. Each boy kept tracking down the catapulted ball until it rolled to a stopped, regardless of the fact that more balls were systematically and rhythmically being shot out at them. Several sermons later the boys finally took the adults advice and focused on just looking at the machine and waiting for the next ball to come out. Whew. Then onto the T. The bat looked as if it weighed more than each boy. But each made his way up to the plate to swing at the ball. Several safety sermons later (about waiting until the coach had placed the ball on the T and safely backed away) each boy had his share of hitting the ball into the safety net.

Onto to Borders. Bargain section rocked. Picked up a few books for the boys and a couple of gifts as well for family members.

On to tennis clinic. Ian's first at anew place. He quickly sized up the group as he walked onthe court and immediately went into his slow descent into one of his rare but awful meltdowns. Holding back the tears (barely) he walked over to me and pitched a fit. Would not go back on the court for anything. I threatened to take away computer. TV, PSP AND playing in his baseball game tomorrow night-didn't matter. Then... he started to watch the group and realized...hey, I can play like some of them...decided to give it a try...and guess, what? He's going to try it again tomorrow AND as we were walking to the van-he said, "Mommy. I'm sorry."....awwwww...that's just what one stressed out mommy needed to hear...gotta love the little man.

Home to laundry and art projects (rainy day). The bEBZ and I made an astronaut that had movable body parts. Managed to get a few shirts ironed and a couple loads of laundry folded but not before Mick's counterpart got to the house. I was down in SB room when Mick comes down to tell me his counterpart would be here in ten minutes!!! TEN MINUTES? What was he thinking? I've been gone for basically a week and a half and just entertained a weekend of boys in our home? Ya think I'd need a little more time then ten minutes to get the house in order. Needless to say I was a bit overwhelmed and exasperated.

Need to sign off now. More later...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Give me strength...

...I've got four boys 9,8,7 and four to take care of and to entertain for the weekend! It's the Guys' Weekend down at the lake-so I have my two nephews and our two BEBZ. We did a Wally-World run for some snacks and drinks(yeah a mere $111.00 later) and then a quick trip to the movie store. Picked up a few flicks to occupy their time. Lots of light sabers and Pokemon cards have been a flyin' but no serious injuries our damages to report (as of yet, LOL).Been a crazy week-was gone all of last week to Tulsa for tennis camp and Lion King (always a great show). Returned home Fri. to unpack and repack for cabin. Spent the next four days, relaxing...skiing...waverunning...launchpod jumpin'...eating...playing redneck golf and watching the cousins all play. Ian attempted to ski for the first time with trainer ski and got up on the first try.(I just new the lil dude would do it-could see it in his face...determination written all over it. Wouldn't you agree?)
Well, it's now 10:20 way, way, WAY past the 4yo bedtime (and the others as well). We are now having a complete meltdown as hyperactivity kicks in-in a last ditch, futile attempt (by my 4yo) to keep moving (or else crash and burn)because the minute he stops he knows he's down for the count. If it wasn't so comical to observe it would definitely drive a woman(aka-me,the mommacrazy. I'm hopeful that they'll all sleep in-but know chances are highly unlikely as my nephews are known to be early risers despite how late they get to bed. Noth to mention-when one wakes up-it's a domino effect. He wakes the next up...and so on.. and so on...AND SO I said before-give me strength... and give me sleep...

Oh...During the Wally World trip-it was quite interesting to see the look on people's faces as I marched through the store with the boys filing behind me in a single line. I heard quite a few remarks like.."boy I thought I had my hands full but look at her!" and "Wow, you've got your hands full." Some people just smiled and chuckled to themselves. Others said,"Your a brave lady." Funny... I almost felt as if I were pregnant again and everyone was sympathetic to me. Weird feeling.

Well, it's official. The meltdown has reached full capacity. Ethman just came into the room crying and wailing that Ian and Liam were smacking him with pillows. Ian came in saying Ethan was hitting him with the light saber-IN THE HEAD MOM! REALLY!
argh...and so it goes...isn't there just an "OFF" button I can push?