Thursday, March 29, 2012


ONE YEAR LATER. One year already since you've been gone. 365 days without you gracing our earth. 365 days of grief. Of loss. Of pain. Of heartache. Of mourning. People say that time heals the pain. It doesn't. It doesn't lessen the depth of the pain.  It only helps reduce the inflammation of the number of times that I think of you and cry only--without following it up with a happy memory of you. It only serves a a tracking device to count the number of times I've missed you. We've missed you.

I posted on your Facebook page this morning. This is what I typed:

One year ago already. The time has flown by and the time has stood still. Life keeps moving forward and while I feel you with me, with us, I miss your physical presence here on earth. The world misses it. Misses you.

Crazy (or not so crazy) enough, I had a dream about you this morning. The short version, you were talking to dad after awakening from a long nap. You had an opened plastic Easter egg in your hand and were chatting with him, chewing while you were talking. I realized that what you were eating were Jelly Bellies. You were talking and joking with Dad that these were part of your "protocol" for your treatment for leukemia. Yep. You said "protocol." So typical of you to throw humor into the situation. I miss you. I miss your smile. I miss your laughter. I wish there were do overs in life. I wish I could heal the hurt, heal the loss that is in the hearts of those you left behind.
I can't. But I can pray for strength for all of us. I can pray for a cure for cancer. I can pray for your amazing kiddos; for strength, peace, safety, good health, and happy hearts for them. I can pray that I am a better mother, Christian, wife, spouse, teacher, friend, HUMAN BEING. I can move forward, trying to live my life by your example. For one short person, you sure set the bar exceedingly high! I love you. Always and forever. TNT. Suzer

03.09.1962 - 03.29.2011

Love you. Always and forever. TNT.
~ Suzer

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Desk | Some Peeps Were Interested in Seeing My Scrap Space Part 1

Here's my technology section of my scrap space. I also scrap here with the pull/out slider extensions located both left and right of the middle of the desk. This increases the surface area for spawling (er...I mean scrapping). ;)
The desk is about 3ft deep and the drawers go back the depth of it-which I love because 12 x 12 paper fits inside! Woot! Woot! Stayed tuned for Scrap Space Part Deux. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Blooms

So, as it's been totally rainy here the past three days, I thought I'd post a few bright and cheeries as I promised I would do in a previous post.
Here ya go:

Enjoy your spring wherever you are!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Scrap Day | A Few Layouts

Since it's been raining the past two days, I have had a little bit more time to scrap. (Did manage to get most of the yard mowed yesterday before it rained. Thank goodness as it is forecasted to rain the rest of the work week!)
Here are a few layouts I created with Studio Calico Story Hour Main Kit and Narrative Add-On:

I really liked playing with the chevron pattern paper from the French paper company, Kesi Art and loved using October Afternoon's Miss Mary Mack SprINKler to give and ombre touch to the chevron "breaking waves." I also was pleased it matched pretty darn well with the Kesi Art chevron paper.
Here's to a happy Tuesday to y'all!
xoxo ~ Suz

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break Scrapping with Studio Calico's Story Hour

...and I am loving our little "Staycation" that we are having. Finding a good chunk of time to scrap while the house is hopping with kiddos running in and out, playing on the wii and PS3, and watching Red Box movies until the wee hours of the night! In between making meals, taekwondo, dirty dishes, and laundry I am finding some time to scrap.

Here are a few layouts I have completed:

Everything is starting to bloom here (will posts pics soon). I am happy to report I am NOT miserable from seasonal allergies still even though the allergen count is HIGH. SO, so happy I am function at near optimum capacity! LOL

Be back later with more pics of the blooms here in our little part of the world! Have a lovely, J.O.Y.-filled day!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Scrappiness

Spring Break is here for us and I got a chance to scrap a bit. Here are a few of my creations:

Be back later with some pics from my weekend lens.

Friday, March 09, 2012

50th Today

Still so surreal and hard to believe your presence gracing this earth ended nearly a year ago now and you are my/our Angel shining down on  all of us. There are really no words to express the void that will never and can never be filled by your absence.

I miss you. SO.

Happy 50th birthday Linny! I know you are well. TNT. Love you always and forever. Suzer

March 9 1962 - March 29 2011

We are all indulging in your "Mine! Mine!" favorites today to celebrate YOU:

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March Blew In...

...literally! This has been such a blustery week around here with tornadic weather all around us. It certainly didn't help my seasonal allergies either so off I went to the doc for an allergy shot last week. Along with other rxs and regimens, I am finally feeling more like a human being-lol!
My DH sent me this via his phone yesterday. I simply cannot wait for our trees to bloom like this (well, ok, on send thought, I CAN wait if I am allergic to their pollen-thankfully I don't think I am).
 This is eldest son. On his way to HIGH SCHOOL Scheduling Meeting!! Seriously? This momma is in complete and utter denial that he is headed there in mere months. CRAY-ZEE!

And so the meeting starts and all of a sudden there is an outburst of uncontrollable laughter from the back of the room. Ahem.  My relatively shy and rule-following son (who wasn't sitting next to me thankfully-so I didn't have to claim him -JUST KIDDING) and his two buddies totally had the giggles. Thankfully, the teacher running the show was their gifted teacher and she handled the outburst from them well. The interesting part was that his friend's mom had started laughing too which only served to worsen the outburst.
All was well in the end when his buddy's mom sent her son to come over and to sit by me.
Sheesh! (I'm still shaking my head over that one!) Turns out the buddy closest in the picture had blown into a water bottle and it had made a strange (insert your imagination here) noise. BOYS. BOYS. BOYS.