Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Life | Week 3

Here are a few quick pics I took with my iPhone today.

Love that I can scrap "perfectly imperfect" and that. is. OK. With Project Life I let go of my perfectionism ( a bit ) and allow it to be whatever the time in my life allows for it to be. Whatever I get done, as I have mentioned in previous posts before) is wayyyy more than being paralyzed to create nothing because of perfectionism.

We rarely, and what I mean by rarely is one to two times per year, go to McDonalds. But Thursday the boys were famished after hip hop class and so I succumbed to their pleas for food. The fry container is the actual container from a kids Happy Meal. The guy at the drive through was kinda bragging that you get both apples and fries now with the meal. We joked that it was about 1/4 of an apple and the fries were "Micro Minis." (No worry about Super Sizing it in the Happy Meal department, to be sure!) LOL
Anyhoo, I cut out the fold out expander flaps of the container to fit the page protector, cut up sue yellow diagonally striped paper and journaled on my "paper" fries.

Hope y'all are having a great week. I'm organizing for a weekend crop that begins Fri. Trying to get pics printed and tools and supplies organized so I can be uber-productive!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Scrapapalooza | Weekend Lens

Friday night the family got promoted to "recommended black belts" and low red black belts. Mick and I are so proud of our boys and their dedication to the sport.

Here's me sporting my new color:

 urday. Enjoyed the day with a few of my local scrapping friends and got a few layouts completed. Thought I'd share a few here.

Some October Afternoon and Crate Paper loveliness:


Layout of our fam in CO over Christmas. Journaling on back of record tucked behind photo talks about how we were missing my late sis, Linny. Last year at Christmas she was as alive, vibrant and seemingly healthy as ever.

Layout of me and my Poppa bear when I was an awkward looking babe! Wowzer! That bald head!

This layout is of my momma at ten weeks old being doted over my great grandparents. Love this pic!

After sitting all day Sat. at Scrapapalooza and have my first 4.5 USTA league match Sunday, I took a little time out early Sound afternoon, for a session in our infrared sauna. It really helped my bruised ribs withstand a few hours of competitive tennis.

Sunday evening Mick and I went out for a date night. LONGGgggg overdue. Just went to a local fav restaurant, watched the Niners and the Giants and chatted. Lovely, low key evening. I got to sport my new RL riding boots. Supah comfy and got them on sale for a fair price. Was kinda fun to get sorta dressed up. I'm usually in tennis skirts and a ponytail with no makeup. LOL
 Somebody was watchin' me. (Insert 80s music here).

How was your weekend? :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I think I may go back and add a bit of stitching to this. Hmm..

Losing daylight here, so color is a bit off and dim.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Lens| MLK Weekend

Hope all of you had a lovely weekend. We were fortunate to have a long one here. Spent it hanging out with some friends, both big...
 and little:

Spent some time (actually a lot of it) in PJ's curled up with a few good books and a viewing of Kung Fu Panda 2.Ok, it's a good movie but I didn't watch the whole thing-it's too hard for me to just sit still and watch and do nothing else. TOO difficult for me anyways! LOL
Here are a few pics that documented our weekend. I think they are all taken with my phone-bc it was on hand and was, well, just easier.

 Some "lovely" Wally world $1 finds:

A common pose:
 Chocolate indulgence:
 Dinner: homemade lasagna and Texas garlic toast:

 Some PL lovelies ala @Hello Forever (Marcy Penner).

Was REALLY disappointed that the Packers beat themselves out of another Superbowl victory. Really bummed. EPIC FAIL. (Still love them though!)

Here are two great books that I read in less than 24 hours. Prepare for some tears on the first one. 
 This one is an excellent read for anybody although it is geared toward teens and tweeners.

Off to go get some laundry, done, bills paid, and some scrapping time in. Have a beautiful day!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Silhouette Tutorial | Project Life 3x4-ish Cards

Hi everyone. Back with a quick tutorial for those of you getting on the Project Life band wagon this year1
I'm doing a hybrid version this year, using up a lot of my stash and making it my own. I decided, in the interest of saving myself a little time, that I would make a template for 3x4 cards using my favorite scrappy tool, the Silhouette. And while I have the SD and not the current 12x12 Cameo, the same instructions can be applied to the 12x12 format. You will just get more cards on each page with the 12x12.

To start, open up your Silhouette workspace: (Click on any image to view larger).
 CLick on the rounded rectangle tool on the tool bar at left.
 Move over to workspace with your cursor and drag and size you rectangle to the dimensions shown below:

 Copy and paste and drag each subsequent rectangle to maximize the number of cards you can have on your 8.5 x 11 workspace.

Send to your Silhouette and cut away! Or, "Save as" to your library and use over and over AND over again! Happy Project Life-ing!

Email me or comment here with questions.

Testing for Recommended | Black Belt

The youngest here. Always wanting to charm and please the girls. (Hence, he allowed them to do this to his hair. And proudly so.)

Today is THE day. Well, actually tonight is. The boys are testing for their "Recommended" black belts. They have persevered, remained focused, and have constantly set their goals on reaching this level since DAY 1. We are so excited for them and so proud of all the work they have put into perfecting their forms, improving on their tactical self-defense tools, as well as achieving the best sparring techniques. Looking forward to watching them break their boards tonight.
And on a smaller scale, Mick and I will test for low red tonight and we will finally get to break boards ourselves. There are two boards that have "cancer sucks" written on them. Plan to splinter them both! ;)
Love to all!