Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lil Grandma's BD

while sitting here typing my first entry today-and seeing the date of the post-I came to the realization that it was Lil Gma's BD. She's been gone nearly two and a half years now. Miss her so much. Ironically she passed on Ian's bd, May 29, 2004. Family members always seem to do that-find a meaningful date in your life and pass away on it. It's happened more than once in my family. Any of you out there ever have that happen? I actually think it's kind of special-not sad. It helps me to never forget those that have passed on before me and to remember all of the joy and special moments that that person brought into my life. And for me Gramser and I shared a lot. Lots of snippets of time and love. Lots of Little "Good Morning Egg" moments that I will cherish always. Here's to you Gramser... today is and always will be ...special. :)

the latest Ethanism

...the other day I was serving up some dinner to Ethan and Ethan said to me, " Momma, just give me a tiddle of that please."
"A tiddle?" I queried. "Is that somewhere between a tad and a little?"
To which my nearly five year old replied, "Yep!"
Oh, and the other pic would be Ian's striking impersonation of-none other than-Jack Nicholson himself. Think I should send it in to Ellen's show for her funny pictures? LOL