Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prayer Requests

...seem to be coming at us from all directions of late. Several hospitalizations (all with good outcomes), some illnesses and questionable test results, and a few more surgeries along the way. It seems life like happens like this-cycles of troubles, losses, and strife... and then some good things come along amidst it all-to give one hope. The promise of a new day.

My heart goes out to my sister and my niece Andrea today. Andrea came home to find her childhood puppy dead. Sir Oscar lived a good, long and well fed life...but he will be missed.
(Love you -you Lil' Slopehead! May you Rest in Peace).

Right Now:
washing machine running
computer humming
child making sound effects to his Star Wars action figure
Guitar Hero Rockin' Roll All Night playing
getting ready for Boy Scouts
preparing to play a board game with Boo while watching The Biggest Loser
happy to have the donations delivered and out of the back of my van
book fair financials nearly wrapped up
trip to Wal-mart
call to mom
checking emails (68 new ones-WHAA-AT?)Sigh.
checking bank balance
writing get well cards
sending off new home mortgage via UPS overnight
gassing up van
preparing lesson plans for tomorrow
thinking I wish I could squeeze in a little time to scrapbook and read 
Facebook check
NTS: learn how to Skype with Mom (have the BEBZ teach me)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Busy busy

Time has been a flyin...last week it was the book fair and Crossing Over ceremony for Ian from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. REALLY. BIG. DEAL. He earned his Arrow of Light. We were so proud of him. Ethan got a great progress report from school and we were proud of him as well. This week it's more Cub/Boy Scouts, tennis tourney and birthday parties to attend. Life is busy but good! I'll try (key word being -TRY) to post some pics soon.