Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Gram's Sewing Machine

I have been emailing my friend, Lou, this week and the topic of sewing machines came up, how we obtained ours, why we like them etc. She and I both received ours as gifts from our grandmothers, hers, while her grandma was still living, mine I inherited after my grandma's passing in 1992. I was the granddaughter (out of more than a half dozen granddaughters) to receive it because all of the other female grands were married and already had machines of their own. I was thrilled to receive it (along with Grandma's cookie jar, and a few other small items of sentimental value).

I love my machine. It's heavy and durable and has withstood the test of time. It's reliable and easy to thread and to use. All of the parts are metal. No plastic, easy-peasy-to-break parts! Even the bobbins are metal. Yes, it makes it harder to transport to crops (that's where my lovely friend Lexi gets asked to bring her newer, lighter model). ;-) but those times are few and far between so I really don't mind.

Here are a few pics of my Gram's machine:
 This little pink number  from Elsie's shop easily peels off, but I like it 'cause it's just fun and whimsical and makes me smile.
 The manual she saved along with all of the component attachments. It looks as though I have nearly everything except for maybe two ancillary feet. (Not sure if they came standard but I found this You Tube video here: of the same machine-and the producer of this video was nice enough to elaborate a bit on the machine. Yay me!)

 Here's when Grams purchased the machine. Love that I have a bit of her handwriting and that she took the time to write out a few details. Grams was awesome about that!
So very grateful that I have this machine to remember my Grams by. So very thankful for the joy it has brought me, both in using it and the memories of have of my Grams using it. I love that we both have used it to make and create things for others that have brought the recipient joy as well. How cool is that? Definitely not just a heavy duty sewing machine but a multi-"purpose" one too!

Off to put more J.O.Y. in my day!


  1. Is this colored green? It looks just like the one I bought with my high school graduation money. Stacie now has it. Works like a gem yet!!

  2. I did run a little action on it to make it look more vintage. It's the one I had at the cabin before when I was sewing the ottoman cover. Can't remember if that was the weekend you couldn't attend. :-(

    It's actually kind of a neutral color-kind of like when white yellows with age and sun exposure-lol.


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