Thursday, September 24, 2009

I so know how she feels, don't you?

I check this lady's blog on (nearly) a daily basis; for many reasons: she takes breathtaking photos, she posts wickedly delicious recipes, she homeschools her kiddos and she writes as if you're at her side, experiencing her life up close and personal. Tonight as I was reading her post, I came across this excerpt from her blog. I SO get HER. She so captures the thoughts of every mother. Thank you Ree for giving my pulled heartstrings a voice...and validity.

Tennis, Book Fair, Tennis

Swamped with all of the above this week, with two tournaments-one I'm coaching for and one I'm playing in as well as chairing the book fair in am. Running on fumes at this point. I love this time of year...and I hate it. It's crazy busy-but sometimes I think it's how I roll best. I will, however be ready for some much needed and welcome R&R once the season is over. Looking forward to using a gift cert for a massage and spa treatment I received from our lovely and generous next door neighbors (I got the gift cert from them last year for my birthday). Yes, I's taken me nearly a year to get around to finding the time to use it. I mean, it's not exactly something you want to drag your kiddos along to. KWIM?
MY DH was off in the Gulf today catching trigger fish and grouper and some 5ft long shark (not a nurse shark but can't remember what he recited off to me via cell phone). Happy he's getting some much needed and hard earned R&R AND I am oh so happy for Big Gma's taxi driving expertise this week as she's been awesome in chaffeuring the boys to and from their activities while I work. Thank you BIG GMA!!! You DA BEST!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Lil' ghosts of Christmases Past! I opened up iPhoto this evening and came across these videos. (Insert BIG SIGH here). WOW. Time has time flown. No more little thermal underwear tops and snowy white hair. We've moved on to big guy pj pants now-in the realm of "Tony Hawk" and "Wii" pants. No room for Underoos in this household. No siree. Nothing but the latest and greatest in undergarment attire. Comfy. Trendy. Totally SCHnuggly. A momma can never outgrow a "snugfest" with her boys now, can she?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Gideons...

...were passing out pocket-sized versions of the New Testament after the match on Tues. The BEBZ were excited to have one of their own to peruse. On the ride home, they spontaneously decided to quiz one another on bible verses and the process of looking up a verse within a chapter (I was pretty stoked about this). They were conversing amongst themselves when I hear Ethan say,

"Hey, is there a Table of CONTINENTS in this?"

(Such the goober. Love that dude)!