Monday, January 10, 2011

JOY in My Weekend

So my weekend started out with this little bit of joy:
A little bit of "Glee." Singing along with my dear friend  Lexi to "Bust a Move." Lots of laughs and funny faces and grooves! And a bit of scrapping was completed as well.  :-)

More joy was to be found when I looked out my window (after working out on the treadmill) to see this little fella: (I think he/she is a ferriginous hawk but my conservationalist Uncle G could probably confirm or deny this).
 More joy in the fellowship of neighbors + friends. Listening to our lil neighbor T singing us a little tune. (Love how she is holding the guitar. She actually was attempting to play it that way!)
 More joy in seeing my youngest acting out in a nuturing, loving way when he requested to hold Baby B:
 She didn't mind at all, in fact, I think she is quite comfortable and restful in his arms, no?
And yet more joy in a few round of Pitch while eating some homemade beef stew, hard rolls and chocolate chip cookies.

What kind of joy did you find in your weekend?

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  1. Baby B is so cute! I love the way older kids look after younger ones. It made me smile on Sunday to see some of the older girls in our Sunday school helping my son who's 3- they were so cute together.

    BTW, I've emailed you those bible study notes from the weekend. :) enJOY!


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