Thursday, January 13, 2011 life today. Ethan and I watched a DVD this am on De-Junking Your Life. I loved the acronyms the speaker used to help oneself get organized and de-junked.

The first one was perfect regarding my One Little Word (OLW):


as in:

J: Junk

A: Always

K: Kills

E: Effectiveness

Or, in my translation of it's meaning, "Junk Always Kills Joy."
When do I ever feel joy or feel better about my current life situation when there is clutter and "junk" in it? Whether emotional or physical junk? 
Really. De-junking my life will only help me to en-J.O.Y. more of my life.
(Something to think about as I go about my year and a tiny little acronym I may want to place higher up on my priority list-right up there by J.O.Y.)
Guess I had best get to work!
Time to call 1-800-GOT JUNK (Think they accept junky brains? lol)



  1. Have you heard of (Finally Loving Yourself) It's a system for dejunking your home and life. It's free (yay!) and once you get going (it can seem a bit confusing to start) it actually makes a lot of sense. Even though I don't follow her to the letter anymore, I do refer to her systems quite a bit in my life to try and get this place clean and tidy. Mind you, my excessive OCD helps with that too... I think I'm what she calls a Born Organised!

  2. Lou: I have heard of her! Sad to say, I haven't been to the site in quite some time but I do often use her idea of setting the clock and seeing how much you get accomplished in a set period of time-say 20 minutes. I found that very helpful!!:-)


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