Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Hauntings

...just got back from an evening of trick-o-treatin' with the matey-os. Fun time. Cool, crisp October weather-good night to be knockin on the neighbors doors. I just barely completed carving the "punkins" in time. Of course the only people to enjoy them were the four of us and anyone who checks out this blog. Ethan was sweet when I picked him up from school today-"Mommy, I got loads of candy at my school party and when I get home I'm gonna share it with brother!'" awwww...............

They are upstairs now-divvying up there stockpiles and trading each other out-after much to do and negotiating-Ian managed to obtain Ethan's package of Runts (minus the banana piece-"because Momma, that's my favorite fruit!"). I told them they had to brush their teeth for a really long time tonight. Ian said "how long" I said, "Until your arm feels like it's gonna fall off" (or at least for two-three minutes!)
They were discussing their different likes and dislikes (in the realm of the candy world) and started differentiating hard candy (the kind that will nearly guarantee a trip to the dentist--which BTW, I surmise many dentists have nightmares about Halloween and all of the cavities it produces) and soft candy. Ethan was chewing on a really hard candy at the time-picking it off of his molar while Ian said-"That's a really hard candy you're eating there Ethan-it's a "Now and AFTER" -yeah...you got that right buddy-eat it now and be paying a trip to the dentist AFTER you're done eating it!

i guess I'll have to post pics later as my browser isn't letting me anyway.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Back to Business

after a trip to visit extended family in St. Louis. Always good to see the cousins...its loud, boisterous, busy and filled with good food and conversation. Here are a few pics from the visit:

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good Read

Forgot to mention I recently read a good book-called the Memory Keepers Daughter. Good story-tragedy and triumph. Reads pretty quickly. now I'm reading to Feel Stuff-interestingly different in the way it is written-will wait til the end before I give it a full thumbs up. Still...one of my 2006 favorites was The Kite Runner.

Much needed R&R

Back from a weekend getaway to visit my ole friends from Chicagoland. I hadn't seen them in nearly a year. It was soooooooooooooooo good to catch up things-even though a lot of time has passed -we always pick up right where we left off. Funny how some relationships are like that. Comforting in the knowledge that you can look your worst and feel the best knowing they'll accept you just as you are. We always seem to have an evening of tears and an evening of goofiness and fun. Topics discussed range from the latest and greatest scrappin' supplies-to philisophical topics-religion and death-the whole gamut of mundane topics to parenting flops and hops all the way too controversial ones like assisted suicide. The hubbies may think we get away just to chat incessantly about makeup and clothes and material things-when in actuality-most of our discussions are thought-provoking and reflective.
I absolutely love this group of gals-those who you can bare your deepest fears to, your imperfections and insecurities--and still know they love you anyway. I think each of us would mutually agree that friendships like these are the ones worth investing in and are truly priceless.

And you know what? It all came to be because we all share the common love of scrapbooking and family. How cool is that?

First we shopped (of course) at this nice SB store called The Paper Moon. Everyone very friendly and helpful there. We ate dinner at a quaint lil Italian Bistro called the Brick Oven-downtown Washington(great lil bedroom community to Peoria-both of my parents were born and raised there and that's where many of my fondest memories with my grandparents took place!)We had appetizers and some pretty tasty pizza too! It had a nice ambience with a gorgeous Italian landscape mural adorning the wall..(I'd post a pic of it-but that photo is one Tanya's camera).
The River House was awesome! Great view of the Illinois River. Sunday morning we saw a huge flock of pelicans swimming upstream! Unfortunately, even with my telephoto lens they were fairly far away. (Here's a shout out to my dad's cousin and husband for loaning it to us for the weekend-Thanks so very much Carol and Charlie!)

I managed to accomplish a fair amount with my scrappin-completed an album for a Christmas gift and several other l/o's to boot! Looking forward to other holiday projects.
So, we shopped. We ate. We laughed and we cried and in the end it was a truly memorable weekend!

Just got back from Wally World awhile ago ($200 later-ouch!) and picked up a cute T-shirt that said "If you can read this...thank a teacher." I thought it was totally appropriate for Ian as we have so many educators in our families. Not too mention, it'll be a big hit on Teacher Appreciation Day! Anyways, when Ian saw it hanging up on the cabinet, he said, "Cool T-shirt-not like those other ones that say "sister for sale" or "and shut up, that's what?" (How cool a kid is he?)
Seriously though, who buys that for their kids? (sorry if I have offended anyone-but come on-a little more positivity in this world would sure be nice-and don't our teachers deserve a bit of gratitude from us?
Really. 'Nuf said.

Suzer, out!