Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1.11.11 Finding J.O.Y. from Across the Pond

Just had to type that title today. I love it when numbers are neat and tidy. It's a little of my OCD kicking into gear. (I must confess the gas station is another place where it kicks in, I have to end the dollar value on an even dollar amount. If I don't, then it either has to be an even tenth or quarter that it ends on.  For example, $20.00, or $20.10 or $20.50.
$20.23 simply will not do.
I know, I'm goofy like that!)

So today I open up my email and find a little J.O.Y. sent from my new blogging friend, Lou, who hails from the United Kingdom. She sent this message, which I hope she doesn't mind me sharing with you:

"Hi Suz,
These are the scans from my bible study that made me think of you. The first (from Saturday) was all about establishing good habits including regular prayer and bible study (and boy, do I need to do that!) and the second from Monday was all about being blessed by giving to others. They both made me think of you and your word. It's funny how God works in ways like this. Your word and blog are influencing my life and I live across that great big pond. Fab stuff!
Wishing you lots of Blessings and a JOYful day!

How sweet is she? How thoughtful too!

Anyways, these are the scanned images from her bible studies. I enJOYed them so much I thought I'd share the J.O.Y. with you!

These excerpts resonate with me. I hope they do with you too. A little J.O.Y-ful fodder to indulge in for today; this 1.11.11.

Have a J.O.Y.-filled day everyone! Be back soon!


  1. I'm actually in the UK (across the other pond!) but what's a few miles in cyberspace? lol

    The gas station thing made me laugh- I do that too!

  2. Thanks friend! Made the post edit correction! hee hee

  3. So nice to have friends who build you up... They are little spots of JOY in our days! Thanks for being a consistent cheerleader for me Suz. I'm glad we found one another! =)

  4. Wah! I'm such a saddo. I actually came back to check whether you'd edited your post. :)

    (and as I filled my car up today I made sure not to round the price off: £49.89 it was- such a rebel (lol) although not hitting the £50 mark made me feel better!)


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