Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving at Mimi and Papa's new home. Excited to see their new place and their fancy schmancy new Clubhouse that they were fortunate to reserve for the special family get together.
 Here's a little closeup of the spoon pilgrim place cards that Ethan and I made for the big Day of Gratitude. We worked on these for homeschooling art project that was done while studying the Mayflower, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria as well as early discoverers to America.

The kids kept busy drinking Capri-Suns, playing hide and seek, volleying balloons around the rooms, and watching the Annual Macy's Day parade.
As I was taking these pictures, I couldn't help but think to myself, how do these little ones rate getting top notch eating accommodations when "we" adults spent our childhood Thanksgiving days confined to the "Kid's Table" in the kitchen of Little Grandma's house, separated from the Big Kids (the adults)?Truth be told, we loved hanging out in Grandma's kitchen. All of the hustle and bustle and holiday happy-making occurred there. We spent hours swiveling around on the barstool chairs while singing songs, creating artistic masterpieces with crayons and pencils and snacking on a few of Grandma's Santa Whisker cookies. Lots of fond, wonderful memories there. Oh, the nostalgia! My, ow times have changed!

Note the plate in the foreground? Yes, well, that would be mine...Did I ever mention that I a card carrying member of "The Clean Plate Club"? Yes, one of my proudest accomplishments in life. (Major bragging rights on that one. To this day!)

And here's what it was doing outside...

 Ethan and Livvie decided on an impromptu snowball fight...sans jackets!

 A little help from Uncle Mike/Daddy.
 The only pic of me for the day. LOL Don't ya love the shadows? Can't see any wrinkles. I'm likin' it!

Other things I want to remember about Thanksgiving Day:
Joshie calling me repeatedly "Aunt Mike" and Mick "Uncle Susan" all. day.long. Here's to three-year-old humor!
The triplets running around climbing into the laps of the bigger cousins to catch up on some much missed together time.
The sangria. Oh, the sangria.
My new recipe for sweet potato casserole-deleesh.
Mick telling me my candy apple pies were the best batch--ever.
The sudden snowfall with snowflakes falling down in the largest blobs of snow I've ever seen. (And this soul has seen a lot of snow in her lifetime!)
Bill saying the blessing.
The bass blasting on the enormous wide screen TV and Mick using a flashlight to try to balance the sound. Joshie then proceeding to take over control of the said flashlight.
Maddie and Livvie's Thankful box and all the reading of each blessing. Then guessing to place the person with the sentiment.
The guys tryptophan crashing in the TV room while the ladies cleaned up.
The guys pitching in once they awoke from their slumbers to help out.
Ethan playing his festival piece at the baby grand piano several times over-without any adult (parent) requesting him to do so.
Lots of giggles, chuckles and squeals of delight as family members of all ages enjoyed the celebration of freedom, family, togetherness and gratitude.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

December Daily 2010 Foundation

This is not all inclusive but several of my foundational pages. Leave comments with any questions. TFL.

Have a few more pages to do and numbers to add!

I ran out of my DMC floss number 321 which is why the #23 is not completely stitched around-yet!
Really liking the stitched look of the numbers.

Plan to add a small number 24 to the center of the snowflake.

Used my Slice to cut out stocking-added stickles to it-to bling it up a bit. Card is Katie Pertiet Designer Digitals.

Still need to add a #29 to this page and probably another snowflake with go on the felted polka dot paper.

Gonna have a lot of fun finishing up this page!

More to follow...