Thursday, April 26, 2012

Silhouette "Super Mom"

As promised, here is the downloadable file for "Super Mom" along with another download full of flags for your die cutting pleasure. :)

Click here for download link to "Super Mom" : Super Mom Flag by SuzManneckeDesigns

And click here for download of : Flags Read - Homework 

Here is a pic of the Flags Read-Homework file:

Enjoy! And link me up in the comment section with your creations. :)
Silhouette Files to Share | Week in the Life / Project Life

Hi all! This week is flying by. Can't believe we only have three weeks left of school. I am totally stoked for the summer. Cannot wait to have more family time-even if it's go go go!

This week, I have been playing a bit more with my Studio Calico software and have a few more files to share with you. They would work great with either ProjectLife or Week in the Life or on any layout.

*Please just remember to give credit where credit is due. I am sharing freely so please do the same.

Here is Download 1):  SuzManneckeDesigns: Talk-SuperKid Flags

and here is Download 2):  SuzManneckeDesignsBannersNoted-Learn

***ETA: It has come to my attention that some of you who download file number to and don't have certain dingbat fonts downloaded to your computer. It may look like this:

 You may need to download (for free) Travelcons font and Hall of Heroes in order for your file to look like my true design. These fonts are available for free at

(I will have a Super Mom flag and a few other designs up in the next few days in time for your Mother's Day making projects/cards).

So many more fun designs in my head but these are just a few to get you going with your projects. Enjoy!
Happy Thursday y'all!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week In the Life 2012 | Silhouette Cameo Free Download

Hi all! Happy Week in the Life! I know I won't have time to participate fully in the WITL as I am already doing Project Life, Sooo...I am adapting a WITL a bit to fit my life right now. I plan to just immerse some of it in to my Project Life.
Here's how:

Each day I will document a few pics or one and a bit of our schedule/reflections of the day/ favorite quote. I may do all or only one. I really just want to pretty much keep up with my Project Life while intentionally trying to document some extra details that I might not normally get documented.

I created a few Silhouette Cameo designs today to help give this week of my Project Life a bit more of a WITL look:

The designs are made to fit into a 4x6 pocket in either vertical or horizontal dimension.

I cut them out on the fabulous LCI woodgrain cardstock. It's extra thick cardstock and my designs did not cut completely through on the first try, so I would recommend double cutting with the 33 and 3 settings if you have a go at it with this particular cardstock.

Here is a link to these downloadable  free designs:

SuzManneckeDesigns | WITL Day in the Life 

Feel free to refer others here too and to leave a comment with a link to how you used the designs here on my blog. Please just give credit where credit is due. ;) Enjoy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scrap Weekend Layouts | A Few

Last weekend I got away for a scrappy weekend with my Scrappy Sisters. Sadly we were minus one Sister; Lexi. She couldn't attend this time, and we were all bummed, but are happy that she is able to meet up with us this Fri at a local crop. The weekend was full of laughter, great food, and lots of scrappy play. We took a few minutes to snap a few group pics too. NTS: Post some of them later.

Here are a few layouts I created from the weekend. I actually have several more plus a few cards, but have been too busy to photograph and upload. Imagine that!

Here they are:
This one is from Studio Calico City of Lights | Sorbonne Add-on. I exact knifed out the "o" and carved it into a heart, misted piglet on white card stock and stamped with the stamp set from this add-on. Little bits of layering and embellishments along with machine stitching and washing. Color balance is a bit off from IRL color as it's been a sunny/cloudy kinda day.

This layout was made with the Louvre Add-On from @Studio_Calico as its base.
Love that mask from Christy Tomlinson.
I don't have a good pic of it yet but the "O"s in the Fro and Go go are wound up baker's twine -to mimic candy toppings and yo-yos. (IDK, with the fro-yo I just naturally thought of yo-yos too).

Had a bit of fun playing with the striped paper to create a twist on the chevron trend. A bit of an optical illusion and that's right up my alley. ;)

Check back later for a few more layouts. Happy Sunday everyone! :)
Oh, and if you happened to download the Silhouette Designs from my last post and have been crafty with them, please leave a comment and a link to what you created. :) Would love to see! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Project Life Days of the Week Flags | Designing with Silhouette Studio Software

Hi all! Fabulously beautiful Saturday here in my neck of the world. The sunlight is streaming into my studio space and I am happily creating and tool in' around with my Silhouette Studio software. This morning I created these little Days of the Week, Now, Today, and Hello flags to use in my Project Life.
Here is a Screen shot of what I created:

I was inspired by Ali Edwards' post this morning. I simply translated her designs to the Silhouette software and added a few other words to the grouping to fill up the template.  :)

Here is a link to the download. Please let me know if you have difficulty retrieving. I am new to the sharing files thing. :)

The link: SuzMannecke DOTW Flags + Hello | Today | Now
Got to playing some more this afternoon. Here is another set: (Ideas are percolating now-sooo many I want to make).

 Click here for the free download: This Week & More Flags

Thank you Nessa! | Liebster Award

I recently received a Liebster Blog Award from sweet Nessa for having a blog that inspired her. I was so surprised and flattered and wanted to publicly thank her for her thoughtfulness! Thank you Nessa. It was a lovely surprise to find out that you had given me this award. And I am loving your Silhouette video tutorials. Keep 'em coming girl! :) Click on her name above to get to her lovely blog.

For those of you who simply read my blog and don't have a blog of your own, or those of you that follow me and may not have heard of this award, here is a description:

The Liebster Blog Award is awarded to show appreciation of smaller blogs (under 200 followers) and to help with readership. As part of the tradition, the award is to be passed along to five other blogs that have motivated and inspired me.

To accept the Award you must:
1. Thank your Leibster Award sender on your Blog;
2. Link back to your sender on your Blog;
3. Copy and paste your Leibster onto your Blog;
4. Present the Leibster Award to 5 other Blogs with 200 or less Followers that you feel deserves some attention and recognition for awesome stuff
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving them a comment on their Blog.

So, tag! I'm it to share the love of 5 blogs that bring me joy, creativity and inspiration!
Here are two of the five I have chosen:

1. Lou Pettman: Lou is y dear cyber "penPal" friend that I met while working on Ali Edwards' OLW class in 2011. We became really close as a result of this class. Lou is a multi-talented Brit who teaches gifted kiddos P/T, loves to scrapbook, run, and to document everyday life as it unfolds. Her humor and wit never ceases to have me ROTFL.
Please head on over the CyberPond and say hello to Lou at her blog

2. Ashley Warner: This class act young gal, has a lovely blog that shares her faith, her passions, her love of life, her everyday struggles, her favorite music and movies, and her creative interests all in one place. You will not be disappointed checking out what Ashley's been up to. I met her at the CHA Convention last summer. She was working the Crate Paper booth. (Dream job, eh?) She is as sweet in person as she appears on her blog. Drop on by her blog and say hello. You will feel immediately welcome.

I will post the other three just as soon as I catch a breather! Life has been full this week. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend Lens

Lovely Easter weekend for us. We took a little road trip to visit my DH's side of the family. Good to reconnect with some family members we hadn't seen in for-ev-ah!

Here's a few snaps from my lens from this weekend:
Attended my 15yr old nephews baseball game. That's him rounding second. :) So very happy to be in attendance.

And here I am with my stunningly beautiful sister-in-law (but she'll always be a sister to me).
Before Easter service:

And the  gorgeous collection of flowers in the form of a cross on the altar and surrounding steps. There were many more ferns, daffodils, tulips, and other flowers along the steps lining the altar not pictured here. According to my MIL, there were more than 135 plants total.
Crazy pretty!

 A selfie I took in my BILs garage since the lighting was good and I actually dried and styled my hair (this happens once in a blue moon. Really. Ask my family.

and a pic of my Sweet Mick and me:

A few traditional Easter  pics (sadly I did not pack my telephoto and as the other rents/grands were snapping pics with their point and shoots I kept a distance from the egg hunt).

And now for some non-traditional pics:

And here are the kiddos; ranging from 15 down to 3. Trying to capture this many looking at the camera is no small feat-unless...
 wait for it...wait for it..
 now! It involves a roll coaster ride in which case it is "Game on" and all of the little and big personalities come out. These are just a few of my favs from the shoot. (all pics are SOOC and unedited).

After the steps we played another game called run at Aunt Suz/Momma as fast as you can! This one proved slightly harrowing to me as they neared me (more my camera lens that I was concerned with than my lil ole self! LOL)
These are just a few in a series I took. Leave it to my youngest to be front, center, and larger than life!

 Right before I about got taken out! Love the utter joy of childhood at it's best on ALL of their faces. Left me beaming with happiness.

I'll try to BBL with a few more. Time for Taekwondo.