Friday, September 30, 2011

October Freehands Scraps Reveal Day | ONE DAY EARLY

Because tomorrow is World Card Day, Freehand Scraps has released the kit a day early! Which is awesome since many of you will more than likely be busy tomorrow crafting cards all day. ;)
This month's kit may be used to make Halloween creations but it is also very versatile as you will see when you check out the Freehand Scraps Designer's Gallery here.

Here are my creations, some of which are not in the gallery:

1st Giveaway goes to...

....drum roll pleaseeeeee.....

"Maryse B"!!!!!
 These goodies and more (see previous post) are headed your way!

Please email me with your postal address and I'll get them sent out to you ASAP. (They are already boxed up). Please allow a reasonable amount of time for international shipping (as I think you are from France?) Congrats and enjoy! 

And don't forget people, my Giveaway #2...a highly sought after, AMY TANGERINE MINI "HUG LIFE" BOOK is up for the taking.

I will be posting again soon with more ways to increase your chances of winning it!
Happy Friday!!!!
Congrats again to Maryse B.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

2nd Giveaway Item | AMY TANGERINE "HUG LIFE" Mini Book!

This mini is hard to come by people! And it's going to end up in the hands of one of my &
 Freehand Scraps followers both here, on Facebook, and Twitter.

See what Amy created with hers @ Scrapfest here: Scroll down past her sneaks (which are "awesomesauce") to her post from 9.28.2011.

Leave comments here on what you'd plan to scrap with the mini,  here on my blog and at the other aforementioned place to increase your chances of winning. I will draw a name randomly on reveal day of October Freehand Scraps' Kit: Sat. October 1st!!

Let's get this party started!!! :) :) :)

Freehand Scraps Mystery Guestie Revealed | AMY TANGERINE!!!!!

Yep. You read that right, AMY TANGERINE is guesting for Freehand Scraps in October!!!  For those of you who may not know it, Amy Tangerine is one of the trendiest, most popular designers in the scrapbooking industry right now, her new collaborative lines with American Crafts are finding even pre-ordered items back ordered! (Now, that's popularity for you!).  I had the privilege of meeting Amy first hand at CHA this summer in July, and can I just say she is just as sweet and lovely in person as she looks in this picture. Super talented and kind? Winning combination right there! :)

Her sweet cousin Cindy was kind enough to take this picture of us. (I had my fixed lens on though, and it's always a tough thing to take pics with someone else's camera spur of the moment, so it's a bit blurred, but I love it nonetheless!)

 Check back later for a pic of what my second giveaway is going to be. (Best start leaving comments and following, cuz it's a pretty cool item!!!! For serious.) Read my previous posts for ways to increase your chances of winning!! :) This is gonna be so much fun!!!

Giveaway #1 Contents for Guess the Guestie

Here are the pics of what the lucky peep will be receiving: I have taken pics of both the A and B sides of the papers for you. :)

 Sleepy feline prop (not included) ;)

Sides 1
Sides 2

I thought I'd add some spring colors too for those of you who scrap "Out of Season" lol

*****Come on back later for a sneak of the Mystery Guestie 2nd Giveaway! ;)

Sneaks of Freehand Scraps Guess the Guestie are up!

Head on over and leave a comment @ Freehand Scraps (the blog link) to increase your chances to win! Other ways to increase your chances to win:

leave a comment here about the October Guestie.

AND, as if one giveaway wasn't enough: I may just have a highly sought after scrapping item from October's Guestie that I plan to giveaway to one of my &Freehand Scraps "Followers" here on my blog as well as on Twitter ("SuzMannecke") ("Freehand Scraps")
Tweeters: Be sure to put "@Freehand Scraps" and "@SuzMannecke" in the text of your tweet to earn chances to win. sure to "like" and "follow" us on Facebook and Twitter to increase your chances to win!!! 

I am so excited about this guestie peeps! She rocks! Start the "liking" and "following".
Share the love and get friends to "like" us or "follow" us and come back here to my blog and leave a comment where/whom liked us, so we can add another chance for you to win my giveaways.

It's going to be a rad Freehand Scraps October peeps! Stay tuned! :) :) :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Play Along for a Chance to Win | "Guess the Guestie" for Oct @ Freehand Scraps

Hi there all my cyberpeeps! Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday! I know I am. I get to give away some scrapping goodies for a lucky reader, Tweeter, FB who plays along. :)
Here's how it goes:

Guess the Guest Designer for Freehand Scraps in the month of October and win a pretty suh-weet giveaway!

1. Ask questions in the format of yes/no answers.
2. Each question asked will earn you a chance to win.
3. Increase your chance to win by "Like"-ing "FreehandScraps" on Facebook, following  FreehandScraps on Twitter "@FreehandScraps,"  & commenting over at the Freehand Scraps blog.
4. You can also increase your chances by following my blog and following me on Pinterest. (Click on link on my sidebar).
5. Please note, to stop back here and LMK where you commented and "liked" so I can add your extra chances to win into the pool. :)

****I will post sneaks of your winnings soon.
Have fun playing along. :)

Here's to a terrific Tuesday!

***Mystery Guestie will be revealed on Thursday and the winner announced shortly thereafter (as soon as I can collect all the comments/tweets from various sites and toss the chances into a random generator/or a hat! LOL)

Update 9/29/2011: First Question (via Facebook) Is she American? Answer: Yes.
               Second Question: (via Facebook) Is she a permanent SC DT member? Answer: No, not permanent.
              Third Question: Lexi Bridges Answer:  No. Not Lexi Bridges (although she is uber-talented!)
               Fourth Question: Is it Kinsey Wilson? No. (LOVE her designs too! So.very.talented. Serious scrappin' skillz that gurl!)
               More info: Guestie is not from Missouri nor does Guestie have two girls.
               No. It is not Ann Platt.
               The person may have some You Tube videos out, but isn't necessarily a regular You Tuber.
               @Christy Arthur: No, she's not from Missouri.

HEAD ON OVER TO FREEHAND SCRAPS FOR SNEAKS OF OCTOBER'S GUESTIE!! (You just might figure out who it is now!)

Meanwhile, waiting for the sun to move around the house so I can get some decent pics of the giveaway! 
Check back later today.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

October Freehand Scraps Kit Sneaks

Hope all of you out in Blogland are finally enjoying some cooler temps and some relief from seasonal allergies! Excited to show you some sneaks of October's kit from Freehand Scraps. Filled with a vibrant fallish color scheme and some unique embellishments as well! And if you happen to enjoy Halloween or Fall Festivals, there might just be a few things in the kit that catches your eye. ;)

So, let me get to the sneaks:

Check back on the Saturday, October 1 for the full reveal or keep up to date on the latest by follow me on Twitter @SuzMannecke and/or @FreehandScraps. Have an awesome week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coming Next Week | October Freehand Scraps Sneaks

Just finished taking several sneak peek and full reveal shots of October's FHS kit. Cannot wait to share the scrapping goodness, but will have to for a little while longer I'm afraid!

In the meantime, things are selling out of the awesome September kit "Just My Type" that includes many new Summer CHA 2011 products including Amy Tangerine, Maya Road, Jillibean Soup and more! :)
Check it out here:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Project Life | Free Printables

I found these lovelies over on Pinterest this morning, the lovely gluestickgirl (aka Lisa) had pinned them. They were so cute, I immediately felt compelled to print some out. They recommended cardstock, but I wanted a more authentic feel to them. Sooo...I cut down a manilla file folder and printed them out on it.
Trimmed. Punched holes.

Next, a little baker's twine and off they'll go to be added to some Project Life layouts and other scrappy loveliness. Here is my pin of these tags on Pinterest adorable tag free printables and here is the actual site that they come from: Love vs. Design Thanks Love and Design! Love them.

*Just thought I'd share the love today! Since it is Monday, I thought I'd help some of you get over the "case of the Mondays!"

Weekend Lens | Rainy Day Weekend

Lots of rain. Much needed. The rain gave us a reason to slow down. To stay home (well, a good part of the weekend anyways!). To savor life-just the four of us (and the four "4-leggeds" of course!)
We played Monopoly. Watched Chuck Norris movies. The Gators win. Played Wizards 101. The drums. The piano. The guitar. I scrapbooked while others did what they wanted to do. We went to church. Mick played the keyboards. We baked chocolate chip cookies. Made pork roast. Ate in. We also ate out. Just Mick and I. A much needed and long overdue date night. We listened to Mick's favorite local band; Sequel Dose. We enjoyed time together. Just the two of us. Uninterrupted adult conversation. Reconnecting is always good stuff. :)

On to scrap related stuff. I made a card for my Sweet B friend of mine who had to put her beloved pupper down last week. For more than 15 years he was a part of her life. My heart is aching along with hers. So difficult to let go.

A little bit of Crate Paper, October Afternoon and Jillibean Soup goodness.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Right Now | Ten Things

1. Loving Pinterest. So much inspiration there. SO. Much.

2. Appreciating the cooler temps and the making of some good comfort soups. I've already made potato corn ham and cheese chowder and chicken noodle soup this week. YUM.

3. Happy that my tennis serve is improving and that the rest of my gameplay has been pretty darn good to boot.

4. Lots of game playing around our house: Uno, Monopoly, Spades, and Wizard 101 (My boys' newest online game that they are enchanted by).

5. Season premiere of Parenthood showed this week. FINALLY!

6. Packers look to have a pretty darn good team again this year (judging by last week's win over the Saints).

7. Working on October Freehand Scraps kit designs. :)

8. Looking forward to more "homebody" time. While I love our summers at the lake, I look forward to the cooler days and nights spent curled up with a good book/kindle, watching some Gator football while scrapbooking, or just hanging out more with friends and family we don't get to see as much as we like to.

9. Ethan just got a haircut. Was to look like Cody Simpson's but of course Ethan's hair is way more fine, more blond, and less wavy than Cody's. So, it's an Ethan M. hairstyle instead. Different, but still looks good on him. :)

10. Looking forward to Big Grandma's return and spending some quality and quantity time with her.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Lens | Big Grandma Visits

and my DH is tickling the ivories with a FABULOUS rendition of Piano Man that he has been learning. So awesome to watch him play and listen to his talent. Something I love dearly about him. Filling our home with melodies that lift our spirits & put smiles on our faces. I feel a house is not a home without some really great music in it! :)
 Big Grandma made a short trip to visit us on her way to visit Uncle G and take a trip with him to Colorado. Praying for safe travels and fun times for them.

My mom keeps shrinking and my boys keep growing, so it's always interesting to see the changes in height with each pic I take of these three.
The rest of the weekend was spent, throwing the football around, playing tennis (all four of us), watching the US Open (great match Federer vs. Djokovic, horrendously poor sportsmanship by Serena Williams) a bit of football, some scrapbooking, making waffles, playing Uno, group piano lesson (Ethan) with VIB breakfast at Village Inn, and a trip to a skate shop for Mick and Ian.

The mandatory pot of chili 5 way was made for a full and proper introduction into the football season and fall. And despite the fact that tomorrow is supposed to reach 94 degress, I'm a  gonna roll with it and call it fall. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011



Just wanted to type the date for today as my blog post title, as it just looks so fun! I mean, how often does a date like that show up? hee hee

Yesterday was belt testing for TKD. All four of us tested and I think all four of us will be promoted to our next respective belt levels. I think. ;)

Yesterday, I also received some happy mail and received a request for another scrapbook publication. Always, always a happy day when that happens.

Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day that I got to enjoy a bit with Ethan during a break from homeschool.

Today will be filled with a morning group piano lesson, cleaning the garage, some US Open an College football viewing, a pot of chili and a visit from Big Grandma!! going to be a great fall day!

Happy fall every one! Be back later with a Project Life layout. Nothing fancy mind you, just documenting and snapping a few pics along the way.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Weekend Lens | Labor Day Weekend

Time spent at the lake. Sat. was beautiful and hot. Perfect for being out on the water, but since we got in after noon and the annual pig roast started at 4, we didn't head out. I didn't take pics of the Pig Roast, the auction, or the people, because I've done it before and some things just shouldn't be photographed. (Think "People of Wal-mart" here). 

Sunday we hit the lake. Cooler temps didn't stop many from enjoying the water, which was still warm. (Just cold once you got out). Little "B" began kneeboarding and enjoyed it for several hours. His daddy was so proud! :)
The kids hung out Sat. night at cabin and watched Gilmore Girls, played Angry birds and Game Cube. Lots of popcorn and chatter.
I. and R. enjoyed the friendship that has been ongoing since they were wee ones.
 And Sweet P and M. came down for the day Mon. Gorgeous day, filled with blue skies, several rounds of Spades, Redneck golf and washers.  We enjoyed some tri tips on the barbie with side of green bean casserole and smores for dessert.

 Afterwards, Ethan pulled a Mr. Miaggi type of trick and captured a fly in a bottle.

Be back soon with Wordless Wednesday!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

September's Reveal | Freehand Scraps

Loaded with some of the newest products from fabulous designer, Amy Tangerine, Jillibean soup, and Maya Road. If you've been on the fence to order a kit before, don't sit there for too long...

I love all of the vintage goodness to this kit  (The typewriters, eek!!) and yet, a nice complement of trendy, bright colors too!

 A simple home decor project made for my hubby, to remember memorable 15th wedding anniversary in Vegas to see Phantom. LOVED IT.AH_MAZ_ING.

 Playing with "Type" here:

I pop dotted the title from my paper type's keyboard. :)
Oversized and fun, this was made with Amy Tangerine's Silhouette die. I will try to retake this pic and post again later. Details aren't as sharp as I'd like them.

 Remember, click on any pic to view larger.

I popped some of the circles that contained the title of this layout:
 Remembering our trip to Europe in 2000. So many fun memories. This was one of them.

 Love, love, love the yellow chevron paper, embellies and the "good times" Sticker book fro Amy Tangerine @American Crafts.

Head on over to Freehand Scraps's Design Team Gallery to see what the fabulous Guest Designers; Carolina Garrido and Jennifer Barksdale have created. Great stuff! :)