Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Latest Use For A Snuggie makes for a Great "Obi GATORwan Kenobi" Costume. (Modeled here by the eldest son).

(Too bad I didn't video all of the poses that ensued-it might very well have rivaled an infamous You Tube Star Wars, I think y'all know the one I'm talking about!-LOL)

Other Valentine's Day Cards


made with love by the Momma Suz her self, with a bit of help from Boo Bear.

Over the course of several days, I made these homemade Valentine's Day cards for all of Ethan's classmates and teacher. They were simple and fun to make, although a tad time-consuming. But what Momma really cares when she is spending quality time with her Boo?

What My Sweetie Got For Valentine's Day

a homemade card (of course!)

complete with clues within the text of the card. And, if that wasn't enough of a hint, the back of the card housed a color photograph of the real gift!

I know, I know...a bit corny with the sentiments...but so very appropriate for the gift given, no?

Needless to say, the VitaMix blender is a huge hit in this household. We use it every day-not just for protein shakes and smoothies, but we've also made ice cream, frozen yogurt, asparagus soup, pesto and even homemade peanut butter! All in just a few minutes-each recipe takes less than 10 minutes to make. And soooo much healthier than the very same items purchased in the grocery store.

Oh, my gift you ask? Well, one may find this funny, or think my DH is in the doghouse for getting me this item, but before one passes judgment, let me just say that the item I received is exactly what I asked for. Seriously!

A label maker. I'm such a practical girl. And, no, this was not a re-gifted label maker that couldn't find a new home (as in the infamous Seinfeld episode). I was with him when it was purchased at our local Sam's Club!

The Before Picture

Here's a before pic of how long my hair was prior to getting it lopped off:

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Weight Has Been Lifted...

...that has been accumulating in my life for the past 3+ years.

Yesterday, I stopped in to see my friend, Marcia--and when I left, I returned home to this reflection in my bathroom mirror:

Three years and running in an exercise of patience and LOVE.

Three years ago I decided to grow my hair out for Locks of Love and the past few years (especially this past year) of living has really emphasized the importance of this great cause and organization.
Not only did I have a breast cancer scare last year (as many of you are already aware)- my SIL had a scare at nearly the exact same time. Then, only weeks later, we found out my husband's step sister was diagnosed with cancer. (Her mother had passed away from it many years back). Thanks to my DH's step sister's vigilance with early testing, she was diagnosed very early and opted for a double mastectomy. She is currently doing well; cancer free.
That being said, the utmost reason I decided to donate my hair is because of my courageous young cousin, Amanda (She is actually the daughter of my first cousin who passed away from cancer). Amanda has been fighting a rare form of bone cancer for several years now. I have written about Amanda here on my blog in the past, and you can read about her recent activities by clicking on her name in red above.

I thought I might cry when the hair was cut off.
Surprisingly, I didn't.

I didn't feel anxious.
I didn't feel a loss.
I just felt... joy.
Joy in knowing my hair was going to help some young woman/child struggling with a battle that's infinitely more scary and taxing than the ones I've been given. Joy in knowing that it might just put a smile or two on the face of a young girl battling the ravages of cancer by having a wig to wear to her Senior prom, to her Homecoming, or to just wear out on a date with a sweetie. Some young woman with a face as gorgeous as Amanda's. Some young woman with unending faith and outstanding courage and character.

Someone like this EXTRAordinary young woman:
Who has been such an inspiration to me and to so many others.
Who continues to fight.
Who continues to dare.
Who continues to dream.
Who continues to face the ravages of cancer; radiating an energy of positivity and the sincere spirit of one who loves her God, trusts her God and has a undending faith in her God. Her faith that can move mountains--and has moved people!

Please keep/put Amanda and her family in your prayers.

And...bringing it all back home...

...All things being said, it's really...


...just hair after all.

It will grow back.
E-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y! :)

I encourage each one of you who reads this to consider donating to Locks of Love. *
If growing your hair out is not possible (for whatever reason) you can help by purchasing an adorable Gund Bear (proceeds go to the charity) or by simply donating money.

*post editing: I just read at the LOL website that the donated locks not only go to children battling cancer but also a condition known as alopecia areata. My dear friend, Suzie (from my college tennis days) has suffered from this condition much of her life, losing at times, much of her hair and her eyebrows too. Alopecia areata isn't in and of itself life-threatening, but nonetheless it is very traumatic, emotional and devastating to the self image of individuals afflicted with the condition. Here you can find a recent post with a You Tube Video of Amanda cheerleading and read more about her journey through life and her battle with cancer.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Official

My oldest is growing up. Ian came running excitedlyupstairs a couple of days ago and informed me that he had just been on FB and had asked "Katie" to go out with him. And that she had indeed replied "Yes."

I, being the son of an 11-year-old-going-on-12-year old..
... freaked out.
"What do you mean going out?" (We have a strict rule about not asking anyone out (to do anything) without first running it by us (Mick and me); the parents, first.

The rule goes:
If you ask to do something with a friend without asking us (the parents) first, and without doing so in private; the answer will be an

But, apparently, after calming myself down a bit, and after questioning a bit more, I found out that his definition of "going out" was quite different and more benign than mine. I'm still not comfortable with the whole situation but realize that this said son of mine is attempting to find his place in this world, to grow his circle of friendship and to learn a bit about relationships with the opposite sex.

---As long as it's just a wee little bit...
...I guess I'm okay with that.
But, let me just say, Mick and I will be making a much more definitive set of rules about Facebook and "girlfriends" and the whole dating thing this weekend! (And the "dating thing" will include the number 16 or higher!! Say...25?)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boo Tries Drama... our church.
He said he was interested.
He emphatically nodded his head that, yes, indeed, he did want to go to the meeting.
He appeared to thoroughly enjoy the warm up exercises, the girls, the auditions.
He enunciated, he used inflection in his voice, he even got to read his part twice.
He leapt off of the stage in a very hard rocker dude (picture Steven Tyler here) style.

...we get in the car and he says,

"I don't want to go back next time."


(Sometimes the little dude is so hard to figure out).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Congress at its Finest...

...NOT! Check out this You tube video to see exactly how corrupt our "elected officials" are.
This is from CNN not Fox News. Remember this video when you cast your vote in Nov.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jesus Take the Wheel...

..and please get us safely to the Carrie Underwood concert. All four of us will be attending (along with a few good friends). We are soooo excited!

{Source-click here}

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knee Deep in the Book Fair

So this is the week is the main chunk of the book fair I chair. Finally had a good day of sales. Not sure we'll make our needed goal to secure a "Custom Fair" for the fall, but we're giving it our best shot. If only the weather would cooperate!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Adding it to My Resume

"Suzer Millan" - Dog Whisperer. (This according to the BEBZ who unanimously declared this my newest title in life).

Please don't be offended Mr. Cesar Millan. My BEBZ, they know not what they do. They just wanted to give their Momma some props on her mad-new-and-improved dog training skillz! (All of the techniques of which she learned from watching your show). Muchas gracias!

Separation Anxiety

...that's what My Girl (Bella) has. She has definitely found a way into our home and into our hearts. She loves to play, and fetch and gets along grandly with her other four-legged siblings (as well as the two legged type). She loves to ride in my vehicle, walk Boo to and from school and to sleep at my feet. She loves to earn treats. Give kisses. Give hugs.
But...and this is one big BUT (no...not B-U-T-T!)..
she is one UNhappy Camper when I have to leave her behind.

We've been working on that. And thankfully, since my "Pack" is becoming more calm, submissive and balanced ( least in terms of my four-legged family-LOL) Bella is showing improvement in that area. And Rudy, well...let's just say the "Good Ole Boy" is becoming quite the "Big Daddy" (Cesar Millan references mixed and mingling throughout this post). When I become weary/frustrated with the whimpering, Rudy valiantly, boldly, commandingly steps in and barks three times and instantly...

there's peace and quiet. Submission and tranquility. Not a peep to be heard. Just the quiet hum of my laptop and the ticking of the giant faced clock over the kitchen/hearth fireplace. Sigh. Life is good.
Thank you dear Rudy, you just earned yourself "Top Shelf" on my Snug List!