Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"I hope they always...

put "In God We Trust" on all the quarters, pennies and money." (This spoken by my 6.5 year-old during our bedtime rituals). I asked why he hoped for that to which he replied, "Because I like that it says God in it." One of those rare moments as a parent that you feel you are doing something right.  Sigh...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


  • rain
  • school: world civilizations, Olympics (our own version too-paper plate discus throw + marshmallow nose races + more), math review, vocabulary, spelling + more
  • dry cleaning drop off
  • bill paying
  • school planning
  • fall soccer signup
  • discussion with Ian about Mighty Mites football (pros + cons, etc.) He's suddenly got an urge to play-not sure if that was spurned by the cousins playing ball? Think that may have a lot to do with it. (Mick and I feel like we're encountering uncharted territory here. We want our boys to try and experience new things in life but also realize that our 10 year old isn't exactly the poster boy for the linebacker position nor does he have the personality for it either). We were hoping that there was a flag football league he could participate in, but apparently that no longer exists here locally. Too bad.
  • Rice Krispie treats, popcorn and the partial viewing of Batman + Robin
  • story time with Ethan (he's reading Magic Tree House series while Ian reads The Hobbit)
  • phone calls with Mick who's away on business
  • updating i calendar and calling girls to let them know practice was cancelled due to rain
  • tried a new calzone-like recipe which the boys actually ate
  • laundry
  • filing, filing and more filing
  • refrigerator repairman here to fix both fridges, upstairs icemaker, downstairs fridge quit cooling (ice cream soft serve only-LOL + my Diet Pepsi's, nearly room temp-sooo not acceptable) all is well and in working order now minus the $389. + service and repair charge. Gotta love the Murphy's in life. Appreciate that I have ice. That I have a cold Diet Pepsi. That I have so many little and big blessings in my life and so many things to be grateful for.

Back to School

First day of first grade for Ethan came and went. Such a frenetic rush of activity + busyness. School supplies, orientations., the packing of lunches + backpacks. Back to schedules. Back to routines. Back to the business of teaching and coaching and sleepless nights. It's not all bad though. I do like some routine and regularity to my life, mixed in with a bit of chaos and spontaneity. LOL.

This week has been the viewing of the Olympics. So exciting to watch Shawn Johnson take the gold in balance beam. So cool that she and Nastia will be traveling home with so many medals. So awesome that they are great friends as well as competitors.

I always love watching the presentation of the medals ceremony with the raising of the American flag. I love watching the emotion swell in the faces of each Olympian. The pride. The joy. The realization of years of hardwork, training and sacrifice coming to fruition. What an amazing ride that must be. full circle a moment was it for Shawn and her coach who was born in Beijing and set up a gym in West Des Moines, IA only to have Shawn Johnson walk through the doors of his gym 10 years ago, now to take his star Olympian back to Beijing to win not only three silver medals but one gold. He came to America to fulfill his dreams, and Shawn, to fulfill Beijing. Now that's cool.

Friday, August 08, 2008


What a kewl date. So very symmetrical. Such a nice way to remember the start of the 2008 Summer Olympics. The BEBZ and I have been learning all about the Olympics (both ancient + modern) the past few weeks and we are pumped up to catch the opening ceremonies and watch our chosen favorite Olympians compete. We've been learning about China, fair play, the Olympic motto and creed, the spirit of the Olympics, boycotts and politics. We have located on the world map all of the previous locales of the Olympics. We've learned about inventions that came from China and the history of China; the dynasties and the Great Wall. We'll be tasting different types of tea and give a try at Chinese calligraphy as well. Tonight should be a great event to observe the different cultures and traditions of each country, but especially China. What a great opportunity to learn. Sooo looking forward to taking it all in. (Good thing we have Tivo-for those late late night viewings of certain events.)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Dude hit my car!!

Here's a pic of the ignorant dude (not the hunky dude on the motorcycle pictured directly above-he was just an onlooker who happened to be cute ccording to the girls)that decided smoking a cigarette was more important than driving a massive piece of metal. Gratefully, he avoided a straight on collision and swerved right (not left-where there was plenty-o green grass and no people or vehicles) to hit back right ofthe bumper and quarterpanel. I had my niece, my sister, my niece's friend and the BEBZ in the car with me. Oh, and did I mention we were at a dead stop at a red light less than two hundred yards from the entrance to my niece's hotel? Grrr...

pictures from the road...

...trip to watch my niece Andrea compete in National Softball tourney. It was so awesome to get to watch her play. She had several talent scouts from various universities contacting her. Sooo exciting!! Can't wait to see what the future holds for her. She's still interested in becoming an optometrist or a vet. Whatever she chooses, I hope it is her true passion. People that can make a living doing what they love are so very blessed indeed. More pics to follow...