Saturday, December 15, 2007

On the Third Day of Christmas...

..we brunched at Mimi and Papa's and exchanged gifts. Had a bit of a challenge getting up the small hill to their house with the overnight snowfall. Boys were all over the radio controlled gadgets they got-Ian with "The Wasp" helicopter and Boo with "The Spinner." They also like their new and improved "Ciao" travel suitcases complete with toiletries bag and telescoping handles. A favorite of mine was a monogrammed apron. Mick was happily sporting a monogrammed Land's End sweatshirt. Afternoon festivities included attending my SIL's sister's graduation party. Lots of food and fun. Packed household with little boys everywhere. I took on the role of "Party Pic Girl" and made the rounds with my camera. My SIL's sister's was thankful as her camera wasn't charging properly-of course I was happy to oblige. :)
The approximate one mile drive back to my SIL's house from her sister's proved quite the challenge. They live a pretty hilly area and the snowfall was coming down harder. We made several attempts before we got up the road of their subdivision with the van. Lots of other neighbors who followed ending up leaving their cars at the entrance and walking their way home. I like the snow and all that-but it better not impede our ability to get to the game tomorrow. No way I want to miss out on the Brettster and Da Packers playing for my belated birthday gift! :) DH is LOS now so I best sign to follow after the game, I hope.

On the Second Day of Christmas....

the BEBZ got...a Wii..........................weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEeeeEEEEE! We're they excited! We let them open it early at the cousin's house so they could all 4 enjoy it together-and was it ever a fun-filled, late night for all. Lil' boys up past midnight (eek!) and the big boys well past 1 am. Golf, bowling, tennis (my favorite of course) cow racing? (not sure about that one) and baseball. Like the idea that this game gets you moving of the couch...raising your heartrate (at least the boxing one definitely got my heartrate going!).

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let the 12 Days of Christmas Begin...'s the final countdown to Christmas and I have the majority of my Christmas shopping done. The homemade gifts...on the other hand...well...I've got a tad bit more to do. Today I worked on teacher's gifts (maybe I'll get those posted too here soon). Continued to cut a chunk out of the monster Christmas card list-currently at No.88. I made at least 75 homemade cards this year. Not to worry-began making them in October! LOL. Anyways, this year the boys and I have decided to recycle a bit more -especially in terms of Christmas. Here's one idea I came up with: I wrapped the present with the bag from a recent bag of clementines I purchased. I used the plastic clip tie to hold it together (along with some strategically placed cellophane tape! Kinda fun if I do say so myself. Ian liked the idea so much he wrapped his class gift up in the same manner. Next on the list (picture two below)-a sampling of cards I stamped up. And lastly, my new scrapping station. L-O-V-E this! Oh so handy! Love that it has casters to move it around!'s 1:11AM -best get to bed!!! More later!

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Momma's Biggest Regret...

...not taking time out to videotape more of these two beautiful human beings who bring so much joy to my life and to all who know them. And to quote a favorite film of mine, not videotaping more often was a"Big mistake. HUGE."

Here's to hoping all y'all take time out of your hectic holiday schedules to etch a little bit of time into your days to document the lives of those you love.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Toby aka Melvis

A Great Day... stay at home and hole up making Christmas crafts. I did go out to Wally World this am for some groceries and some gifts. Love days like this where you can just veg out at home and play. We played Rumis (one of our favorite family games-thanks Holly an Mark) and worked on Christmas card bookmark for classmates as well as writing some Christmas cards out and a few other Christmas gift projects that I have been working on. I know I need to get some of them posted-but first I need to get them done! LOL One of them I'm working on right now is turning out to be a lot of fun-playing with transparencies and photos, ink and more. Really fun to break away from my traditional pages and do something different. Gaining a lot of inspiration from ali edward's blog as well as becky higgins. So much talent out there. So great that these ladies are willing to share their ideas with the world.

Was working at my new scrapbook station this evening and found myself chuckling about how I came about the workstation. Last Friday I was running errands...picking up Christmas photos to go in cards, dropping of boxes of charitable donations at local hub and other and turned the corner, simultaneously catching a glimpse of what looked like a great potential scrapbooking desk. (I have had an image in my mind of what I have wanted for quite some time now-but similar ones were always way too expensive. I had considered making one myself but new I didn't have the time). Anyways, I stopped by the local antique flea market on the way back from running my errands to take a closer look. The store sets things out on the sidewalk to lure you in-and they definitely lured me. The workbench was just what I was looking for! I went inside and came out $78.00 later with the scrapping station of my dreams! Or at least my sized pocketbook! Where the outting took on a slightly more expensive turn was when I went to make a u-turn just down the street from the store. I spotted a stray puppy, wandering along the busy main thoroughfare, scrounging for food. I immediately stopped the van and hopped out. I walked around to the back of the van to look for him and thought he had run off-so I turned back to get into the van thinking to myself I had at least attempted to save him-but I wasn't going to chase him down...and there he was-looking at me with his head cocked to the side as if to say, "Ya lookin' for me-here I AM!" He was a cute small older spaniel dog. I popped him into the van and quickly my mind was reeling with the realization of what I had just done-and what was Mick going to say. I drove the mile and a half home thinking of how I would break it to him that, yes, I had indeed found yet another stray, and yes, I had indeed taken in another pet. I decided that honesty is always the best policy and immediately told Mick about the desk and the dog when I got home. I called our local police dept. to see if any dogs of his description had been missing. The attendant said no but took my name and number.
So...we took "Toby" in and loved on him. And introduced him to the four-legged fam-all who accepted him in a pretty friendly manner. He was the best dog-EVER! He didn't bark, he didn't whine, he didn't beg...he just existed for the sole purpose of being loved by us. He loved to be in my lap. He would've made an awesome pet...and he did...Toby, aka "Melvis" (What were they thinking?) found his owners the next morning after a phone call from them saying they had been missing him. I told them I had given him a bath and had taken him to the vet to get a flea pill and topical flea meds(some for our dogs too)and that he was a great dog. So my quick little 35 minute errand running trip ending up costing us about $125.00. Still not a bad deal given that it is the season for giving! I'll try and get some pics (not great quality) posted soon of my desk and "Toby."

Friday, December 07, 2007

According to the Boo Bear...

apparently Snoopy has a yellow, feathered friend named "Woodchuck" and Pooh has a friend named "Peeyore". Mimi and Papa came to visit this week and it was time to learn how to crochet (relearn for me) and how to make her infamous, decadent, and add-a-pound-and-an-inch-to-one's-hips awesome homemade toffee recipe. Talk about BAM! It totally rocks! This week has been time to finish up last minute handmade gifts, Christmas card writing and last minute online present shopping. How fun and easy to order online. Love the free shipping specials. Can't wait for Mr. Fedex and Mr. UPS to make their visits. Some presents I will have shipped directly, of course.

Just finished making Boo's Christms photo bookmarks for his classmates. He's addressing each of them by hand. He cracks me up. He diligently is writing each of their names-complete with their last names. Ian is thinking he might want to do a project too. We'll have to come up with something.

Both of the boys are really into Webkins and CLub Penguin right now. Mimi and Papa got Ethan a one month subscription for his bday. He can have more months if he likes it.

I framed one of my two sets of 1970's era American Lung Association Children Artist Christmas Stamp Sets (lifted the idea from Ali Edward's blog-thanks Ali!) and it looks great-now I just need to find another 8x10 frame to hang other set beneath the first one. I love the colors and the graphic feel to it. Maybe I'll take a picture of then both and post it in the near future.

Oh, another thing about the Boo Bear I just thought of. The morning after Ethan's bday, he camp upstairs and informed all of us that his birthday wasn't over "until the last of my birthday ice cream cake is gone." What a crack up. Today, we were working on thank you notes and reviewing what he got for his bday and he said, "Well, from Papa I got six swift spanks and a PINCH to grow and INCH!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Face of Six's finally here...The day that our baby, Boo Bear, has to show us how old he is with two hands. BIG sigh.....Time just keeps on a flyin'....just went in to check on him (and big brother too) while he slept and was watching him sleeping. Noticed his ear and was transported back to six years ago when he first entered this world-the perfect APGAR 10/10 boy that he was-with a right earlobe that was folded at a right angle a bit. Funny how as new parents you notice these little details. Well, the right angle isn't so prominant anymore-it worked itself out after he was no longer smushed in the womb I guess LOL, but the memory still is...and for a momma whose struggling to let her baby grow up...well, I'm gonna just hod onto that memory a little longer...and the little boy too!