Friday, January 28, 2011

Ready to Roll... scrapping supplies out the door!! This weekend is my annual voyage with my Scrappin Sisters to a place where we can scrap the weekend away.

Last year on this weekend, I received sad and difficult news about a dear friend and my sister, who both told me (on the VERY same day only a few hours apart) that their marriages were in turmoil and divorces were likely to ensue. One year later...

...much has changed for the better. Both have since divorced. One divorce rather straightforward. The other...a nightmare but finalized. One is happier and has found healing and the possibility of loving again. The other is struggling just with the daily activities of life, the hurt still raw and stabbing. Please think of my friend and sister today and say an extra prayer for them. Even though much of our scrapbooking weekends are spent loving and laughing, there are also times when we just stop everything to attend to the needs of our loved ones who are hurting.

Because, that's what we as women do.
That's what scrapbookers do. {It's so much more than paper, scissors and glue people}.

Have a blessed and joy-ful weekend everyone!

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  1. Have an extraordinary weekend Friend. May it be filled with good news! ~Sally


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