Friday, October 28, 2011

December Daily 2011 | Fabulous Fall Finds on a Free Friday

While running some errands today (since we have no school as it's Quarter Break) I couldn't help but to pull over and snap a few pics of the gorgeous color in our little town. Thought I'd share with all of you blog readers of mine. :)

This one through my sunroof window. Yes, it's nearly November and I can still have the windows open (for a little while-allergies still really bad for me).

This one from inside Mick's office:
This one was from Wed. when it was cold and rainy. Still love the vibrant colors though.
I came home and made a big pot of my ham & potato cheese corn chowder  in some new yummy colored Fiesta bowls I purchased at Kohls (40% off Plus 30% coupon + $10 cash back for each $50 purchased-yeah, can't go wrong with that!)

 And here are a few fabulous fall find lovelies that are sure to make their way into my December Daily 2011 as well as my Project Life. L-O-V-E them. :)

Yesterday the boys had ortho appts. Can you believe that one got his braces off and the other got his braces on...both on the same day? yeah. Crazy!
Here they are cheesing it up for the camera:
 And one, not-so-cheesy shot:
Ethan went for purple bands. (And it would have absolutely nothing to do with him liking the music of a certain Justin Beiber. AHEM.)
And someone evidently stole a quick shot from my phone this am.

Goofballs. But adorable too. :)
BBL with more from this week and perhaps a scrapbook layout or two.
Happy Friday peeps!
Hugs, Suz

Monday, October 24, 2011

Freehand Scraps November Kit Sneaks

So, are you in the fall spirit yet? Are you ready to get your fall on???

Despite the 70s weather experienced today, and the 80s predicted for tomorrow, fall is once again upon us. If you aren't already in the fall mood, the November Freehand Scraps kit is sure to help get you there. Packed with vintage embellies that will take you back to Thanksgiving at Grandma's house, and pattern papers that will complement the cooler days ahead, you are sure to "Fall in Love" (pardon the pun) with this month's kit!!!
Here are a few of my sneaks:

So, there you have it! A little taste of what's in the November kit and what's in store for fall! Be sure to check back later for a few more sneaks you will not want to miss! ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Love Me Some Crate Paper | InLinkz Trial Run here we go. Trial run of using inLinkz here on my blog:

I love Crate Paper. Love. Especially loving this little collection of scrapping yumminess just in time for the holiday season. Just click on the pick below and it will show you the collection. :)
Now I know this doesn't link you up to where you can buy each item...but I'll get to that later. Right now I think it's just cool to show you some of the Crate coolness all in one click. BBL with individual links to a few scrappy items.

Brilliant On-Line Tool | InLinkz

So, I have been noticing a cool thing on some blogs of favorite scrapping peeps I follow. They are able to link up there favorites scrapping supplies on their blog. If you click on one of the pics (say a scrapbooking embellishment) it will take you directly to a site where you can find/purchase the item. SOOO cool. It's in Beta testing right now, so the best part is, it's FREE!!!! (WOOT! WOOT!) Here's the site: and here is a promo code you can use to try it out:


Here's a video by the fabulously talented Kristina Werner that leads you through the process of getting started.

I am already setting up categories and having fun learning something new. Happy linking! I might just be back later with another post showing how I linked you up! ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Weekend Lens | Breast Cancer Walk and more

So last weekend was pretty beautiful and pretty busy. Thousands gathered to walk a 5K raising funds for breast cancer research and treatment. We (my fam and I) walked with our tae kwon do family and Sweet B and Sweet C. It was such a fabulous day and wonderful event. I was so happy to participate this year as last year I had full body hives from allergy to meds Rxed for my bronchitis I got as a result of severe seasonal allergies. Whew! So happy to be functioning somewhat like a human being this year. :)
A few pics from the event:

 The pink vignette is actually my iPhone case. I kinda liked the effect. It suited the occasion, so I left it on.

 Sweet C and moi with the Mr. Pink Firefighter dude.
Sweet B and me:
 Gorgeous light filtering through beautiful leaves. SIGH.

 Getting the group kiddo pic: Mick assisting. :)

Worked up an appetite after the 3.1 mile walk-so off to SNS for some chili deluxe and chili 5 way. Aww...yeah. :)
And on Sunday Mick played in the band at church and Ethan and I spent several hours sprucing this up.

Happy Thursday-amost TGIF peeps! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Weekend Lens| Mid-week Edition's been a busy week, filled with lots of little bits and pieces that include everyday life: homeschooling, trips to the store, the post office, bill paying and budgeting, taking the boys to and from their activities, taekwondo, piano, tennis, art class, etc. You get the idea.
Anyhoo, we had a fab weekend with my Scrappin' Sista; Sweet P and her new hubby and family. Took a little road trip to JC and had the best time. The boys were asking on the way, "What are we going to do there?" By the time the weekend was over, they were asking, "When are we coming back?"
yeah...that's what I'm talkin' about! ;)
Flowers picked for the mommas by one sweet 9yo girl:
 Food fixins served up just right:
 Playing with Photobooth app on my iPhone-Clearly I have not perfected the art of centering subjects in the lens! LOL
 Are really cool, vintage and completely functioning pharmacy downtown JC. It even had old fashioned sodas for sale.
 The prison, which we did not tour.
 The capitol building-it really was a goregous day despite severe headache from allergies (hence, the reason for the trip to the pharmacy-as I couldn't find my OTC meds).
 Kiddos at play:
 And at rest -er eating.
 The kids getting creative with their hot dog.
 Sweet P's awesome monster long scrap/craft table. I think it's like 11 feet long.
 Her sunlit sewing nook.

 Quarter pounders off the grill
 with a yummy fruit salad. Not pictured here? My homemade snack crack that was enjoyed and comsumed. All.weekend.long.
 Sweet little boy taking up the rake-completely of his own free will.

 Beautiful sunset and view. This picture just does not do it justice!
 Strength and accomplishment in numbers.
 A hint of a full moon's presence in a few night's time.
 Just one of my vintage findings, in all of it's metal woodgrain glory. :)
Caught this beauty with my iphone.
Other things not pictured here: several rounds of Spades, appetizers and beverages alfresco at a local winery, golfing on a gorgeous day (Mick and Mark), visit to Yo-Yum, a corn maze and numerous shops and boutiques. A very fun-filled, friend packed weekend. Thanks Sweet P, Mark and the girls!
Next time, our place! :)