Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Preps

Went for a rare lunch out with some DF a few weeks ago and grabbed up a few of these lil cuties

for my BEBZ to celebrate good report cards and to gear them up for Easter (as if they needed any help in that department). They were as yummy as they were cute!

Top 10 of 2009

Well, well, well...can't say that I'm surprised. Just continually disappointed and ashamed at the people that our currently "running" our government for "we the people." When is an exemplary human being going to step up to the plate and do the right thing and vote the will of the taxpaying people?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

So...I've been experiencing a batch of wicked TKO headaches the past week or so. Being that Ian had a bout with a sinus infection last week, I thought perhaps I might have one too.
The good sinus infection. The bad news...wicked, WICKED allergies. After finally giving up on self medicating with Extra-strenth Tylenol and Actifed (which knocked me out all day yesterday) I tried to get in to see my doc. No such luck. Booked solid. So, I ended up at the after hours Urgent Care. The tentative diagnosis: Seasonal allergies. It sounds so benign doesn't. Never would give one the idea that it would knock one flat on one's buttkus for a week and a half or leave one walking around like a zombie in a trance. I have a new found appreciation for the term "Allergy Sufferers." One truly does suffer.

Post diagnosis and after a quick trip to Walgreens for a Neti pot and a box of Claritin, I can see a new day on the horizon. Now...if only it wasn't a full moon tonight and I had a new mattress on my bed (still waiting for it to arrive at the warehouse) I might actually have a good night's sleep too! And after googling local pollen counts and finding this:

It's no wonder I've been feeling so lousy!
So here's to Dr. Mehti...bless you for inventing this little gadget pictured below, and to the makers of Claritin, for giving me a better quality of life today. Now, maybe I can actually enjoy this beautiful spring weather we are finally having!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

House Roll Call: Health Care Overhaul

Click on this link to see how YOUR elected officials voted: House Roll Call: Health Care Overhaul

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The SICKEST Day In American History

...just occurred yesterday with the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill. It is an utter tragedy and yet another telltale symptom of the systematic "CHANGE" from a country founded on democracy to one of socialistic state where BIG government dictates with a statist at it's head. This bill was bullied through with blatant disregard for the wishes and will of the American citizen; the American taxpayer. This poll was taken today from a msn (not FOX) homepage. It is VERY telling:

Results with 454 short comments
Total of 502,188 votes - click on the "Display Comments" bar below to sort comments

Excited. It extends coverage to 32 million Americans who lack it and bans insurers from denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions. This is a tremendous step forward for the nation.
133,405 votes
Angry. This legislation will harm the economy while mandating a government takeover of the health care system.
332,585 votes
I don't know what to feel. I'm happy that more Americans will be insured, but don't think that anyone should be required to purchase coverage under the threat of costly penalties.
31,914 votes
Other. Please sound off below.
4,284 votes
Display Comments:
Angry. This legislation will harm the economy

It's really not just about health care.


Those of you who don't think this to be true are sorely mistaken and our children and their children are the ones who are going to be paying for the mistakes made today.

I wholeheartedly intend to make it my mission in life to bring democracy back to this once great country of ours before it is taken over completely by socialistic ideologues!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Belt Testing... done and over with. Can't wait to hear the news if the boys advanced to green belts. Me, on the other hand? I'm just happy it's over and I am content knowing I gave it my best. We just got home a half an hour ago from dinner (yep, you read that right) and now need to complete packing for the boys' weekend long visit to Mimi and Papa's.

To digress, I finally got to play tennis at our local outdoor clay tennis club. It was so gorgeous out! The weather was perfect! Two and a half hours of solid hitting was a great warmup and anxiety reliever for my upcoming belt testing. The only problem, I got home at 5:30 and realized my uniform top that I had rewashed (because it had some pink stain on the sleeve) was still laying wet at the bottom of my washer. Needless to stay, I lagged behind the boys getting to testing so that I could attempt to "quick dry" the top. My top was still a bit damp when I absolutely had to leave for testing. Good thing we live very close to the testing site and that I'm not one to stress out over the little details of life. ;) Ahem...

Happy Spring everybody! (Here's looking at snow in the forecast for tomorrow!) It was great while it lasted!


...that the latest version of the "Health Care Reform Bill" does not pass and isn't pushed through by gimmickry aka "Reconcilation". What a nightmare and tragedy it will be for every American-especially for our children. Our system is flawed, but it's the best system in the world- even flawed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating the Luck O' The Irish

Happy birthday to my DF, Steph, FL! I hope you're wearing green girl!!!

Purchased a fun little digi kit for $1 over at Jessica's website today. A little Danielle Thompson goodness:

A little polaroid mask. Can't ever get enough of these! So happy to hear the news that they're bringing the Polaroid camera back-IN WOODGRAIN nonetheless!! EEEK!! Gotta get that on my wish list. Mother's Day perhaps? ;)

Now, if only my DH would ever read my blog-LOL!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A+ Baby!

So, I go to pick up Boo at school today only to find his teacher walking him quickly to me with an expression on her face that did not bode well for my second born son's future. And then she said,
"I was so disappointed with Ethan when he gave me his continent book. I could only give him..."

(and then the look on her face changed and she continued) A+!!!!

Good for you Boo...Good for you!

Boys Will Be Boys

especially my youngest. When I was walking him home from school Wed. there was a place in the sidewalk that had newly poured concrete. There were two teachers standing guard along with four milk cartons placed strategically around the perimeter of the concrete in the hopes of warding off all kinds of little scampering feet from walking into it.


(I am certain you know where this is leading)

...I was walking ahead of Boo and directed him (hand motions and all) A-R-O-U-N-D this aforementioned locale. He proceeds to attempt to Evil Kneivel jump over the milk cartons/concrete and lands one of his pirate skull Vans right in the center of the poured concrete! I sheepishly looked at one of the teachers; my good friend, the librarian, and apologized profusely.

What's a Momma to do?


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


  • windows are open, the scent of spring is billowing into the house
  • puppies are quietly playing together at my feet
  • quickly catching up on emails and blogs before I go P/U I from band
  • working on tax prep
  • making a few cards for dear friends who have recently lost a loved one
  • grateful for today
  • planning classwork for Ian
  • paying bills
  • listening to the gentle chirping of birds outside my scraproom window
  • daydreaming of fun-filled days ahead with family and friends as spring/summer approaches
  • collecting clothes to donate
  • readying myself for some purging of scrap supplies and other household items that now longer have a purpose or add joy and tranquility to my life
  • praying for friends/family both near and far that are struggling with sadness, loss, illness and a high risk pregnancy

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Spring is Here!

Today was a beautiful day weather wise. Low 60's with sunshine. Lots of families at our local park, swinging, kite flying, throwing frisbees, walking their dogs. We walked and Boo biked over and spend several hours just taking it all in. Met up with a few friends and chatted quite awhile. It was a good learning experience for Bella for socializing with other dogs outside of "her pack." She received several compliments on her good behavior-and that made her human Momma proud.

On a sad note, some dear friends of ours lost their dad/FIL/grandpa this morning. Our love and prayers go out to the G.T. family. Love you guys!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mr. Rogers Had it Right

No, I'm not speaking of Mr. Fred Rogers ( Although he is yet another Mr. Rogers who really did have it right) but Mr. Rogers, from Michigan. Listen to this short YOU TUBE video clip from the floor of Congress.

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Results Are In...DNA Testing

I received an oversized envelope in the mail today. The results of Bella's DNA Testing to determine just WHAT exactly (well, as "exactly" as possible) she is.

My niece and I thought she was mostly patterdale terrier.
My dear hubby thought pitbull.

It turns out we were all wrong.
She is a mixture of the following:

1. Affection
2. Loyalty
3. Intelliegence
4. Beauty
5. Unconditional love

Ok...she is all that...but, here's what she really is:

In order of largest percentage of the breed type:

Wait for it... WAIT FOR IT...

  1. Basenji (Level 2)
  2. Boxer (Level 3)
  3. Boston Terrier (Level 4)
Below is the approximate percentages she is composed of from each breed type. Cool huh?

After looking up basenji on the internet-I totally see how she is mostly that breed-sans the curly tail and vertical positioning of the ears.
Here's what basenjis look like: