Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Crafty Goes Scientific

So yesterday Ethan and I were home, schooling ;-), and we opened up a package of these.

 And we then added a few other items and tools to the mix:
 And got to work:

 Making this. Care to guess what it is?
 Think science (not floriculture though).
 More specifically, think of the brain and the nervous system.

Ok, if that doesn't is what it really represents:  A multicolored neuron, complete with axon, dendrites, soma and synaptic terminal. Nothing like using art to aid with learning science, right? Especially when you have a child who is a kinesthetic learner and a mom who loves to craft!

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  1. Hi Suz...don't laugh at me. The only "lens" I have is in my little Olympus FE-3010 point & shoot. Here's my technique... I take a million pictures, experimenting w/ the settings, and post the BEST ONES. LOL. Hoping for a nicer camera someday, but my venture into photography is fairly recent, so I am making do with what I already have. Love the reward of finding a good shot in the bunch. Thanks for your compliment! ~Sally


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