Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Furniture's Arrival

Finally...SOME  of our new and completely paid for in full furniture arrived today. Can't wait til it all arrives. 
Was hoping to get the window box flowers planted today-guess that will have to wait until tomorrow along with staining the shutters and window boxes. Mick has a big guy's weekend and Ian will be camping with the Boy Scouts at Roaring River State Park. Scary to have him going alone.  (Lots of prayers going on by the momma for safe travels and good health for my BEBZ and for those traveling with them).

So, since the two eldest BEBZ will be away, I am looking forward to some 1-on-1 time with Boo. Plan to take him out for a "Special" as he calls it. I think we may go out for breakfast Sat. am and perhaps go to the Grand Prix or go bowling. Also plan to take him to play tennis (of course). Still have a lot of spring cleaning and sprucing I want to get done though so maybe I'll enlist his help with that as well.

I did manage to get items donated today. Wish I could send all of the clothing and toys to our sponsored boy in Nicaragua. But at least the items will be put to good use and help many kiddos here in the US.  Need to remember there's lots of people we can help here in the states as well. 

Getting excited about summer and all of our plans. Lots of great memories to be made at the lake and on vacation. Can't wait to get some more beach photos now that I have my 24-70mm lens.  The boys can hardly wait to go to Florida with the cousins again. It was so much fun last time! We booked the same condo and room as last time so we know what to expect.

Gotta get ready for tennis and read some Fudge-A-Mania to the boys. They are really into me reading the story out loud to them b/c they say I do a great "Fudgie voice." I was just reading it to Boo but Ian has really taken a liking to listening along also. Gotta love that!

Time for tennis....later.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sharing the love of reading

Photobooth fun

Since my laptop crashed yesterday I thought I'd post a pic that was on my mac.
  • Today Ian and I have been logging the changes of the tadpoles we've been "growing." There's three of them and I've affectionately named them "The Three Stooges."
  • Also learning about the stock market, mortgages and fiscal responsibility. 
  • Just began reading The Number Stars by Lois Lowry and we are revisiting WWII, the holocaust and other topics related to it.
  • Boys will play tennis this afternoon and then Boo's got scouts and soccer practice
  • I am gearing up for awards banquet tonight. Looking forward to seeing the girls again. The speechmaking-not so much.
  • NTS: write Science Exam for Ch#8-10 and prepare for Wed's lab
  • looking forward to sunny days at the lake with BEBZ at my side

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Tea'd Off...

...and seriously disappointed and saddened by those individuals that fell for Obama's charasmatic rhetoric and socialistic ideologies and actually voted for him. Mark my for Obama was the BIGGEST mistake Americans have ever made.  I am deeply saddened that my boys and my boy's kids AND their kids will be paying the price for Mr. Obama's actions. At least I knowI can go to sleep at night knowing  that I DID NOT vote for a liberal socialist. I voted for freedom. Liberty. Individuality. Prosperity. Hand ups (not hand outs). Little government. Free enterprise. Capitalism. 

I'm glad that people who are tea'd off can utilize his/her freedom of speech (while we still have it!). The liberal media seems to have no problem voicing theirs while trying to stifle those who think sensibly. Patriotically. Democratically. Shame on the CNN reporter who so rudely interrupted the man she was interviewing and interjected her own personal liberal bias into the mix. She should be fired. Completely unprofessional. Period.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dollar Store Run with Angie Fun

My SIL has started a bit of a tradition when we visit-taking the BEBZ and my nephews for a trip to the local dollar store for a few boyish "finds." It is always so interesting to see what they return with and the creative play that oftentimes results from their choices.

Last night was spent playing games of Zooreka, Spades, making homemade parachutes for their Star Wars action figures (and launching them over the upstairs balcony) as well as dancing up a storm on the oriental rug in the living room. Got a bit of that videotaped for future bribery usage! Ha!

This afternoon we'll head over to Mimi and Papa's for a big family gathering. Looking forward to Easter ham, lemon pound cake, cheesecake and of course, the arrival of the Easter bunny and egg hunt!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

THappy Good Friday everyone! Love, blessings and prayers to all of you. ~ Suz
(Pic was taken at our local zoo during Spring Break visit).

Side by Side

My Greatest Joy

...well, you AND your dad and brother. Love this pic I captured of you in Feb. You and your brother were antsy to get out and enjoy one of the first days of spring (or so we thought-LOL). You begged your dad and me to go outside and fly kites. You were so persistent! We broke out the kites from their hibernation in the garage. It was all fun + memories from there. So much joy wrapped up into one little 7 year old body. So blessed to have you in our lives-little dude! BRING ON THE JOY!