Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day, Joy Day

So I got the 5:25 AM to be exact (not a time when I like to receive phone calls as I am a bit of a night owl) with the automated message that school had been canceled due to inclement weather. I immediately crept down to the boys' room (quietly so as not to awaken our 4-legged family members) to let Ian know he didn't have school. Actually I was just going to turn off his alarm clock so that he could sleep in (trying to be the "kewl" momma here) but he stirred a bit so I just told him. He mumbled something that resembled, "thanks" and drifted off to Slumberland again.

I've been using the day to clean,  to scrap,  to catch up on bill paying,  emails, and other daily duties. The boys have played a bit on the Wii-Mickey's Epic Adventure and they did some sledding as well. (Right now they are gearing back up after a quick lunch to head over to the NDN's house to sled. Our neighbors have a bit more of a slope to their backyard making for longer sledding runs + more fun).
Here are a few pics from this am. Some are overexposed but I'm not going to worry about it-maybe I won't even post them. -lol All are taken through our muddled-with-canine-slobber French doors.
Any blur to my photos other than the natural bokeh from my fixed lens...yes, you guessed it...slobber!
 My Girls...Bella and Lily. Both rescued. One found within 1/4 mile of our house in the median of a busy street, a pellet lodged in her metatarsals, the other, dumped in our backyard at about 8 weeks old, bitten and riddled with infection, near death--in the bitter cold of winter!!!
They have a much happier life now, no? Can you tell they love their momma? :-) Look how attentive they are and no food in sight!

Love the little tidbits of snowflakes perched atop her nose and mouth. Lots of great sniffing and snuffing going on as she raced through the snowdrifts.This girl l-o-v-e-s the snow. You would think she was a husky. (She's actually basenji/boxer/boston terrier mix. No pitbull in her. (Although I think pit bulls get a bad rap-they are so sweet-It's ALL about the owners. It always is about the owners). Really. I got her genetically tested to find out what she was.
This girl looks like a husky but she's actually a lab/shepherd/chow mix:

She's our Sentinel. Keeper of the Property. Watch dog Extraordinaire. Here she is at work.

And Rudy, well, Rudy (our yellow lab-the only one with a pedigree of our pack) was out for a bit this am, but since Bella is high energy, I give him a beak from her now and then, good ole aging boy that his is. When Rudy and Bella are together it's high energy meets low energy. Think Foghorn Leghorn meets up with the Lil Chickenhawk. Is that enough of a visual for you? Well then, think Eeyore meeting up with Scrappy Doo or the Tazmanian Devil. Yeah, now you're getting the picture!

Clearly, the pics below are the shots that are overexposed (I didn't change out my ISO from it's indoor setting) but they show Bella fulling enJOYing herself, tearing through the snow like a greyhound.
Hmm...wonder if the genetic testing might have been erroneus?

 Here with her ears flopping up-I actually see the Basenji i nher (She does have many of the traits and personality of a basenji-it is what she is mostly made up of. -lol)

Happy Snow Day (Joy Day) to any of you out there that are lucky enough to have one!

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  1. Brrrr! Boy, it looks cold! Hope you guys had a fab snow day.

    So pleased that you have given your dogs loving new homes too. I'll have to show you a photo of the dogs that we rehomed when my laptop is fixed as I have a pic of Bo (also a cross of various breeds) with snow on her nose, looking just like Bella (?). Give them a scratch behind the ears from me! :) xx

    (BTW Have emailed you from my work email as hotmail was playing up and wouldn't send it for me?)


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