Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reaching New Heights

Pre game  fun with my Blue-Eyed Boyz! 

Pregame eats-yumola! Best burgers around!
Getting autographsSpinning for a chance to win.The items won: mini bat and foam cat mask + tickets to local animal safari. Old glory. God Bless America. I never tire of taking pictures of her waving amidst the cerulean skies.
Cooling off with iced lemonade and chillaxin with Daddy. my face!! Literally.Running the bases after the game.
A wonderfully beautiful afternoon. Sure makes up for the way my day started. But I'll save that story for another day and an empty stomach!


  1. Don't tell me it had to do with the dogs...?

  2. So glad the dog of the month club is gone ;)
    You know I love you Suz! ;D


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