Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Suz's Citrus Crab Seviche

So, Mick and I had some awesome crab ceviche in a restaurant called Dos Caminos located within the Venetian. It was sooo delicious!!! I attempted to replicate the recipe here at home Monday. It turned out pretty well, given that it was my first try and I didn't have an actual recipe to go by, just a list of some of the ingredients our server, Jose`, was kind enough to rattle off.
Since it is more of an appetizer, Mick and I both were in agreement that next time I should halve the recipe-if it's just us eating it. I learned something too about ceviche, that I wasn't aware of before. The seafood that one uses is actually raw and "cooked" by the acidity of the citrus one uses. Cool huh? Great summertime dish for those of us experiencing heat advisory weather!
Next time, I plan to drain a little more of the excess juices from the concoction as well. Regardless, I definitely plan on making this delish dish again soon! BTW-We ate the ceviche by scooping it up in corn tortilla chips. Some of the ingredients used were papaya, jicama, red onion, fresh mint. coconut milk, king crab legs and limes.

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