Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Walking For More Birthdays

This year, our family will be participating in this event:
Each of us knows personally at least one loved one (if not more) that have battled breast cancer. Last year I posted here on my blog about my breast biopsy (which, thank you God, came back "negative"). Mick's step-sister; Jody, however, did not hear the same comforting word from her doctor. She was diagnosed last year with breast cancer and has since had a double mastectomy performed. I am happy to report that she is currently (and hopefully from here on out will be forever) cancer free!
If you are local and would like to get a little exercise for a great cause, please click on the link above for more info. If you aren't local, please consider giving to this very worthy cause. Even a few dollars can help! Thanks in advance for the consideration! Have a beautiful day!

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