Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Happy Mail

ok...happy Fed Ex delivery!

This showed up on my doorstep upon our return from Las Vegas. I saw it on Kelly Purkey's blog and new it was just what I needed (err...I mean wanted!) Gone are the days that I'll have to truck my larger photo printer to the cabin, or Lexi's, or to any other of my scrapping sistas' homes.


  1. You must show me b/c I am sure I want/need one too ;)
    And you looked SMOKIN' in that phantom curtain dress momma! Wowza!!

  2. are so sweet friend!!! I haven't posted my little black dress pics yet! (And maybe, I wont!!!-LOL)
    You are definitely going to want the Selphy! He's my new best man-ok except for Mick...and the fact that he's a printer!! Tee hee!


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