Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Is It With Punctuation?

My boys have an ongoing playful banter which occurs when one of them makes an error in pronunciations and such.
For example...

...one morning Ian had been giving Ethan grief referring to "inertia" as "Internetica."
A few minutes later Ian incorrectly read a can's label and said,

"Mom, what are "Toe-ma-toes?" to which I obviously replied,
"Do you mean TOMATOES?"
He promptly realized his error in reading the syl-la-bles incorrectly and grinned sheepishly while eating a slice of "humble" pie.

More banter occurred when they were practicing their form meanings for tae kwondo and Ethan was rattling off the meaning Yul-Gok when he said,
He's nicknamed the "Con-fyoo-G-Us" of Korea." To which I replied, "Do you mean Confucius?"
And earlier this weekend after Ian slept over at a friend's house and stayed up until 5am...he said,
"Mom, why do you keep telling me I'm comma-tose?" (Hence the title of this blog post!)
And Ethan, while helping input a title of a book which had a semi-colon in it. He said, "You forgot the semi-cola."
(Ummm....Ethan...when have you ever known that punctuation to to have "cola" in it?)
He grinned with acknowledgment and went on his merry way.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me with my quirky sense of humor, but I find it all, quite literally, comma-cal!

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