Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Days are Simply Beautiful a recent one spent with my dear friend, Lexi. We finally got some time to scrap together recently and not only did she bring along, her scrapbook stash of loveliness, her always-in-the-hand caramel macchiato Starbucks, her smile, and her constant overflow of creative inspiration, but...she also brought along an early birthday present...FOR me!! And can I just say that not only was it truly fitting, great colors and perfect for was...

                                                (BTW: I hung it up the very next day!-here)


Thank you Lex, for the adorable, simply beautiful, simply me, thoughtful gift!!! But even more so, for the gift of your friendship. What a blessing indeed. 

Have a simply beautiful day everyone. Now, go out and spread some "simply beautiful" happiness and make someone's day like Lexi made mine!! Perhaps, buy them a few "Shooters" from Steak-N-Shake?

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  1. i just now saw this.
    you are too sweet :)


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