Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of Junior High

Yep. Can't believe I am the mother of a junior high kid! Time flying exponentially for me now.
Today was exciting and bittersweet. Ian going back to public school after three years home with me and Boo beginning his educational adventure at home with me! Honoring both of their wishes in terms of how they wanted to be schooled this year (Although don't get the idea that they had the sole say in the decision-they both knew Mom and Dad had the final say so).

Ian's Day:

  • Came home with a bunch of papers to sign and more school items to purchase along with a report of 2 cursings and one waving of a digit by a few 8th graders. None of which was directed at him, but nonetheless, he was witness to it all. So much for naivete`. SIGH
Ethan's Day:
  • Began very early (as he wanted to be done before or at the same time as his Big Bro) at 7:15AM
  • subjects covered: spelling, vocabulary, writing, more language arts, typing, German, penmanship, math, social studies, science art and PE!
  • highlights: learning about Euclid, Escher, tessellations, fractals and Sierpinski's triangle (and creating one) learning about taxonomy, Linnaeus and making an inverted pyramid of the Classification groupings as a memory aid
  • Lots of energy, excitement and happily, no complaints! Here's hoping tomorrow is more of the same!

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  1. You think I kid when I say my child is enrolling in Mannecke Academy!! :D
    I'm not!


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