Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Point n Shoot Las Vegas Set 2

Where we stayed on our anniversary weekend. Totally got spoiled! The Venetian is ginormous and is absolutely stunning! Very reminiscent of the decor in Hampton Court Palace in England and the Vaux le Vicomte in France (on a much smaller and less expensive scale of course!) The ceiling in particular looked like the ceiling at the Vaux le Vimcomte. Intricate. Ornate. Gorgeous!The ceilings and great hallway of the Venetian.Playing with my camera and all of the mirrors in our suite.Anniversary dinner in Caesar's Palace at Joe's Seafood Restaurant. We started with a crab appetizer that was fabulous! I had an sushi grade ahi sandwich with delicate and crisp sweet potato crisps. Mick had a blackened mahi-mahi sandwich. Taste bud delights! Dessert was a mouth-watering fresh key lime pie with graham cracker crust. Totally worth every penny for the memorable taste sensation and experience!My sweetie of fifteen years and our ghost of a waiter, Stephen, who looked like a Russian KGB spy right out of a James Bond movie! (See pic above)He had crystal blue eyes and the accent to boot! Seriously though, he was an excellent server and very pleasant! He took great care of us. Between courses, he brought by steaming wet handcloths and doused our hands with lemon juice! Mick and I made a note to ourselves that we'll have to implement this technique at our home dinners-it was such a nice touch! We're going to flip a coin to see who gets to be the server and who is the servee-lol!
This is my ghost of a hubby, Mick, in the grand hallway of the Venetian. (What happens when you use no flash and can't up the ISO anymore on your point and shoot).Many more pics to follow as I upload and get time to document.

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