Sunday, January 13, 2008


was a full day of errands. Went to local mall to exchange out some Christmas gifts-just different sizes and colors. The mall was PACKED!Bebz got some long-desires "Mood' rings as well as some new shirts and pants on deep discount at Old Navy. We rented some movies for the boys and Mick and I caught the last half of Packer Game (yeah..I know...what was I thinking? I was told by my loving hubby the game was on the 13th-so my bad for not double checking. Luckily i caught the best half-way to go BRETT AND DA PACK!)
Still tidying up the house-paring down and thinning out. We are all doing pretty well on the quest to better health this year. Lots of yogurt, nuts, fresh fruit and veggies as well as weight lifting and viewings of Biggest Loser to motivate us! Hey, if those morbidly obese people can do it-we've got no excuse. i am constantly amazed at the transformations that occur throughout the course of the competition.
Looking forward to seeing some positive changes in our physiques in the near future!;)

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