Monday, January 21, 2008

Big Gma' s Ski Trip 07

Here's some pics from our annual Christmas trip with Big Gma to Colorado. Each year has been so much laughter+learning (the big kids too!). Each year we can see how much the kids have grown + improved. This year was skiing+snowboarding. On Christmas Eve there was a torchlight parade complete with Santa, lights and fireworks. Last year was hard to beat (with the blizzard snowfall) but this year had a lot fun on its own. I personally will never forget the look of excitement and glee when my nephew Casey opened his gifts from us...authentic Florida license plates! He was so pumped. He is collecting different states to make "wallpaper" in his room. Just goes to show you one does NOT have to spend a lot of money on gifts. What a great reminder to us all. Definitely something I don't want to forget.Ever. These aren't the only photos (actually they are the ones Big Gma and my sister (Linda) took. Maybe one day soon I'll post some of mine. (I couldn't quit compel myself to take my 20D out on the slopes this year-so my pics were almost exclusively taken indoors.

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