Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Premiere of American Idol

tonight...we had our Tivoes set! One for AI and one for Biggest Loser. Love that I can get things done and "Speedview" both-bypassing the lengthy commercials. What a great invention!
Happy for technology that helps me waste less time.
Other news: Boo came home with his report card last week-great report-nearly all strong areas and an extra special mark for art! So pleased to see that he was "a leader both socially and academically." I personally love watching the relationships he has developed with his classmates. He is so kind and helpful to all of them. No wonder they run up to him with glee. (He thinks it's all about his hair LOL-WE know it's all about his HEART).We are still waiting to find out when he will start his gifted program. He is so excited to begin. So awesome to see the love of learning evolving in him. So grateful he has a teacher he loves.
Got to thinking today about our daily life-computers + blogs, wii's, cell phones, PDA's (Mick not me-I stick with the old Franklin Planner), text messaging, call waiting and caller ID (big yea for that one!), ipods and Tivo, digital SLR's, microwaves, surfing the net, PSP's. So many ways our boys' lives are more convenient. So many ways their lives are more complicated too. So many ways they are more enriched. So many ways they are overstimulated. Trying to maintain balance. Trying to lay a foundation of good, healthy habits. Trying to lead by our actions and not solely by our words. Trying to live with intention and purpose. Here's to trying! -Nite!

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