Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Ethan was sitting on my lap this evening-putting together a few online puzzles-I was combing my hands through his beautiful blonde locks and decided he was sitting still well enough forme to tidy up his haircut a bit. As I was doing so, I thought I saw a little fuzzball in his hair. When I went to remove it-it seemed to move! What I found looked to be a little louse! And you know what? IT WAS!!!! EEEEEEEEEEkS! I can't believe my baby has a louse! Mick and I have done the completely traversed every square inch of his scalp-and as best we can tell-it was the only one-no nits to be found (yet!). Let's just say we are now feeling itchy and have the creepy crawlies and feel like we need to shower say..oh.... twenty times!!! Ugh.....life...sometimes it is just downright disgusting.
Peaceful sleeping tonight everyone-don't let the bed bugs bite! Ok, sorry-but I didn't want to be the only insomniac tonight! (I know, I'm Evil. As in Dr. Evil! LOL)Goodness knows after getting no sleep last night due to all of the tornado warnings I could use a good night's rest!

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