Thursday, January 10, 2008

POTD was productive. Homeschooling took a turn in the field trip direction with a quick visit to a Suzuki Piano Academy. Looks like E Buddy will be the next pupil. He'll begin next week with his homeschooling buddy. Lunch took us to Subway and afterschool details included a quick visit to the library to help momma shelve books,watching a bit of Batman and a few rounds of Shrek on the computer,dinner as a fam and then workouts and reading. Ian is reading the Phantom Tollbooth for language arts. He is really enjoying it as am I. Kind of like the boys' version of Alice in Wonderland in some ways. Oh, and Ethan is blossoming into quite the little reader too. He is now able to read at Grade Two level, possibly further. (NTS: Need to check with teacher and the librarian to find out his most recent tested reading level).
Bedtime routine took a turn for the unscheduled with an impromptu gymnastic display of cartwheels by the BEBZ in their bedroom. I reluctantly ok'd it AS LONG AS no one ran into the bunk beds (and since they had already done one or two before I entered their room!!). Let's just say it took them ahile to wind down tonight...sigh.

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