Saturday, January 05, 2008

An Additional Resolution it is...I've been watching several episodes of the Dog Whisperer (Cesar Millan) and I'm convinced that I can get our to beloved canines to become balanced behaviorally-well before the end of the year. I need to! Lily is still protective of me when I come outside to pickup packages the UPS man drops off. She's fine with Mr. FedEx Guy-he gives them both treats each visit. But the last UPS Guy was not our usual and she was raising her shackles and barking at him. Must have scared him b/c even after I said "sorry" he didn't respond to me at all. I made the mistake of going out into the yard which seemed to have escalated her anxiety about him. Need to remember to stay calm as the alpha leader. Rudy is improving on his bouncing-now he knows he will not be fed until he stops. They are both doing really well with ignoring Hugsley when he tries to taunt them.

Last night I found out tragic news. My BFF's sister had a baby girl born on Nov. 30. the baby began running a high fever last week and was taken to the hospital. She passed away on Fri. Her name was Grace. The family, of course is devastated. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this test of faith and be sure to tell those you love how much they mean to you. Hug on those kids a little bit longer and the grandkids a little bit tighter. Don't let the moment pass!

I've been downloading and backing up pics today. Above are a few of my POTD's to get me up to date. First one is the PlayMobilthe boys set up for CHRISTMAS. Love how they have the angel dangling from aobve! The second is a huge thank you package from our next door neighbors! WoW. They definitely should not have done that but it is much appreciated.
The last pic is the BEBZ wii playing. Every day it's a new olympic event to take on. I do like that it is interactive and provides them some form of exercise in the winter months. I am worried that they'll get tendon"Wii"tis though (just a little corny humor).

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