Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Game of Life...

the BEBZ just finished a game of it after we returned from Ethan's open house for his gifted class. This was a game they had started a few evenings ago. Ethan came into me with his carload of peeps and informed me about his "family." He told me, "This is me and this is Tessa, my wife you know...and these pink ones are my girls...and the BLUE ones are my boys!" (All with a huge smirky smile on his face). I asked him if he had any twins, towhich he replied, "Yes! THE GIRLS!" Cracks me up that boy.

Tonight was also Ethan's open house for his gifted class. He was so excited to be there ( a little too much maybe-energy abounded!). Two of his girlfriends from Pre-K were there-so that was nice to know there would be familiar faces there for him...not that he has any trouble with shyness! Unfortunately, he will not be going there the same day as Big Brother, so he won't be riding the bus with him. That makes me a bit nervous. Not so much with dropping him off to ride the bus in the am, but moreso the afternoon. His teacher will ride the bus home with him the first day-so that lessens my worry a bit.

Ian started Suzuki piano lessons last week and is doing well with it. His first group lesson is Sat. Should be interesting as he will need to get up in front of strange new faces and play his piece of music. Hopefully, it won't stress him out to much! He is not one who really likes to be in the limelight. I think it will be really good for him though. Self confidence...getting up in front of people and performing...preparation...practice...that's all good stuff. How could it not be a good thing, right?

Off topic here:
So, Mick and I were discussing this the other day, and we were pondering EXACTLY when in one's stage of parenthood does one stop referring to his/herself in third person when talking in the company of your kids? Is this just something quirky about us or are there other parents out there that do the same thing? Hmmm....

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