Friday, January 25, 2008

Spiderman 3

Friday Family fun night entailed the viewing of this movie. Lots of action. Some great special effects...but we definitely had to "lalala" through one or two places were there was some inappropriate language. It was good for the boys to see a movie where the good prevails over evil. Earlier today we received the Phantom Tollbooth DVD and we watched that as well since Ian had just completed reading the book earlier this morning. He was all over the movie-citing places where the movie left out situations, places and characters. I told him it was good to notice these things and that he should look for the positive aspects of the movie (like the animation). Secretly, however, I was humming to myself that he "liked the book wayyyy better than the movie! That"ll keep him a readin!

Boo came home with an adorable marshmallow snowman that he made in art class this afternoon. According to Boo, the snowman's hat was made from a "coconut". I informed him that while the snowman's hat did come from a tree, it was actually an "acorn" that made up Mr. Frosty's hat! LOL. Note to self: I need to take a pic of the snowman and post it here later.

Tomorrow AM is Ian's first group Suzuki lesson. I'm nervous and excited for him. Hope he doesn't totally work himself up over playing in front of a bunch of strangers. Afternoon is the weigh in of the Pinewood Derby. So, it looks as though Daddy will be busy tomorrow! Hee-hee. Seriously though, we'll both be doing stuff with the boys all weekend.

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