Thursday, November 05, 2009

Working towards yellow

The boys have been taking tae kwon do for a month or two now and next week will be their first opportunity to test for a higher belt level. Both have been working hard on their sparring combos, sang sang, self defense and Chun-GEE ( I absolutely no idea if I've even come close to spelling these words correctly! I 'm still struggling to call their uniforms "GEES" with a hard G as opposed to "JEES" with a soft G. They are forever correcting me-I seriously wonder why someone with a pretty darn good memory can't get it straight. But then again, I almost on a daily basis, call each of the boys by the other's name. Such is the life of crazed momma. Anyways, Ian was so excited for Mick to get home from his business travels to tell him that he had earned two yellow stripes at his tae kwon do class. Always love the enthusiasm of youth. (Hope I never lose it myself-LOL)

I've been keeping busy now that tennis is over by:
  • purging the house of excess clothes, contraptions and paper clutter
  • taking an online scrapbooking and documenting class
  • scanning old photographs
  • teaching about monotheism, the Middle East, 9/11, weather, ratios and fractions &reading The Lord of The Flies along with Ian
  • planning ahead for the holidays-I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year
  • thinking this weekend will be a good time to put up the tree and the outdoor lights-since the weather is supposed to be nice (And no, we will NOT be turning the lights on until after Thanksgiving).
  • constructing the "guts" of my 2009 December Daily album
  • taxiing the boys from Scouts to tae kwon do to tennis and more
  • looking forward to days spent curled up with my Kindle, some spiced cider, and an oversized orange kitty in my lap

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