Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude November 18

Today I am grateful for all of the memories shared with my dear "Gramser" who, if still living, would be 98 years old today.

I am grateful for:
  • summers spent with her and Grandpa in Washington
  • Christmas vacation spent with her and Gpa in Florida @ Sun-N-Fun
  • Norman Rockwell Thanksgivings where she made a beautiful multi-course meal beginning with with nut cups and mints before the big feast and ending with delicious pumpkin and pecan pies for dessert. (She really could've competed with Martha-and won!)
  • being treated out to Hardee's breakfast biscuits complete with the "Good Morning Egg" sticker
  • countless games of Scrabble played on her coffee table, kitchen breakfast bar, dining room table, trailer in Florida...
  • the lessons she gave me on being a "lady"; etiquette, manners and how to conduct oneself
  • the importance of writing thank you notes
  • trips to Peoria shopping at the mall and grabbing a slice of coconut cream pie at the end of our excursion
  • cheese hot dog and chocolate milk lunches consumed in her sunny kitchen while the "Noon Siren" sounded
  • the smell of Chanel No.5 and how whenever I smell it-I immediately have fond memories of her
  • her patience in teaching me how to play Scrabble-I started very young 4-5 with 2 and 3 letter words. Gma never minded (as long as I made sure to leave a place to play the "q"!) As I got older and better, I started beating Grandma. She didn't like to lose but I sensed some pride in her for teaching me to play the game so well.
  • grateful for sharing the game of golf with her and the love of crossword puzzles and reading
  • all the times she took me to the community pool, park and putt-putt course
  • trips to Ben Franklin for a treat or two
  • that we share birthdays that are only a few days (and of course decades) apart
  • her knowledge and love of all things Audubon; she was always watching and listening to the birds (She especially loved owls!)
  • the unspoken special, unique bond that we shared; I always had the patience for Grandma's shortcomings that drove others in the family bonkers, and she, well..she always had the patience for me!
  • years of sending "Good Morning Egg" love notes to each other through the mail
  • all of the times I would scramble to find a hiding spot for the "Good Morning Egg" note before I left for home; trying not to let her see where I'd hidden it in hopes that she wouldn't find it before I eft for home. Smirking to myself with pride as mom or dad backed down the driveway from her house, thinking "this time I really found a great spot!" It was always a fantastic challenge for me to try to pull it all off. I know she enjoyed the "thrill of the hunt too." When she'd come to visit us, I'd try to sneak the note into her purse, coat pocket or suitcase before they departed for home.
  • her Happy Hour, out-of-this-world-DEE-lish-lick the last morsel out of the dish good, "Etta dip that she made accompanied by Pringles and Fritos
  • letting me watch Wimbledon in the back bedroom for hours-b/c she knew how much I loved the game
  • watching Jeopardy and "The Wheel" together and racing each other to the answers!
  • So many awesome memories I have of my Grams-too many to count here-and for that I'm really grateful! Thanks for the memories Grams. Miss you so much. Happy Birthday! :)

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