Sunday, November 08, 2009

Birthday card for Terry

Our NDN's little girl had a bday recently and her party was yesterday. I pieced this little number together and made an interactive element to it (since I remember two-year-old's really liking that kind of stuff).
Note: Please ignore the blur in the last pic-my eyes are getting old! LOL

This is actually what the pic looks like (+ the digital stitching and text*):

*Anna Aspnes digital stitches and text Century Gothic

Isn't she just like a little China doll? Her personality is adorable to boot! And, my boys...well...they simply love her. Look. You can tell...

They'll do just about anything to entertain her and are really kind and gentle around her. So wonderful for a momma to see the gentleness, kindness and compassion that I know each of them has in their personalities (Unfortunately, I don't see these characteristics present often in their everyday encounters with each other-LOL). She really does bring out the best in them and for that, I am ever so grateful that she's our lil NDN.

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