Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today's Gratitude

...few days behind b/c out of town-celebrating a dear friend's 30th birthday. catch up...

Grateful for Lexi, Paula, Barb, (who couldn't be with us this time-dag gum it) and Julie, whose friendship and understanding are a true gift from God
Grateful for the opportunity to get a much needed reprieve from motherhood and domesticated duties before a whirlwind of holiday gatherings
Extremely grateful and surprised to come home to a sparkling kitchen remodel! (Seriously, no remodel done but an extremely well done deep cleaning of cabinets, countertops and refrigerator/freezer). God bless you Blue-Eyed Boyz-you made my day! It was so wonderful to come home to this surprise as I had a whopper of a sinus/allergy headache that was ravaging itself on my grey matter-to the point of nausea.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have a few pics from my weekend fun. We'll see how the day goes...

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