Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's Gratitude

Today I am thankful for my Poppa Bear. He's been here visiting with us for the past few days and it has been so good having him around. We've been talking about "Then and Now" and "Yesterday and Today." Totally in serendipitous alignment with my online class I'm taking at Big Picture Scrapbooking with Ali Edwards.

This morning, Ian, dad and myself worked on our life timelines. Interesting to see the significant events of our lives condensed down onto one small sheet of white cardstock. Interesting to see the historical events that have occurred and how each of us has varied memories of these events (or no memory at all! -LOL). I have totally enjoyed reminiscing with my dad about his childhood memories and have been doing my best to document them while he's here. I periodically will send him an email and ask him a question or two about his life. A little homework assignment, if you will, for my Poppa Bear. I always enjoy his replies and have printed them out to add to the family memory book I am compiling.

This weekend my Aunt Norma and Uncle Dick (AN is in the lavender shirt at the back of the table and UD is to her right) are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I love these two individuals immensely. To me, they represent so many great qualities human beings should have: warmth, compassion, devout love of the Lord, strength and courage (to overcome many losses of loved ones in their lives), integrity, hard work ethics and a good ole dose of good humor to boot. I wish them a beautiful day on Sunday, surrounded by family and friends, fellowship and love.

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