Saturday, February 05, 2011

More Blizzard Pics-After the Storm

 First pic was taken through my laundry room window. Despite the drive being plowed the night before the drifting overnight bottomed out my 4WD 4-runner anyways. Thankfully, neighbors came by with a 4x4 mule and pulled us out!
 The dogs watching...and wishing...they could get just a little bit closer to the snow fort action!!

 Clues of boys at play:

 Love the tunnel! Great job Ty!

 Oh how I love my Lily girl! Such a sentinel and keeper of the grounds she is!

 And, good ole Rudy, actually got in a little of his ole Tigger his bouncing self action again! Good to see him feeling in better spirits!

Jason and Ian made their fort at the base of our next-door neighbors yard. All 4 boys said they were playing "Capture the Flag." Some things never change.


  1. Hey Dear Suz,
    How ARE you? Thanks for commenting on my pics. I love your snow pics. We don't have nearly as much here (although more is coming), but I am ready to be DONE, how about you? Still JOYful, though. Everyone is healthy, and for that I am so thankful! Hope your JOY is "remaining full!" Hugs, Sally

  2. Oh wow!!! I couldn't even begin to imagine what your weather is like at the moment! LOL!! We are sweltering in the heat! The snow looks like sooo much fun. My poor kids haven't even experienced snow before (me - only once while in England!)

    Thanks also for your recent comments on my blog. I really appreciate them...x


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