Monday, February 07, 2011

Me | At The Moment

listening: to my boys doodling on the piano
eating: Pringles - left over from last night's Superbowl festivities --WAY to GO PACK!)
drinking: Diet Pepsi...of course!
wearing: orange Hollister hoodie and black Nike warm up pants
feeling: crafty ;-)
weather: overcast and blustery
wanting: my Studio Calico order to arrive on my doorstep!
needing: more time in my days to get everything accomplished that I want to get accomplished
thinking: I hope I sleep better tonight
enjoying: listening to my youngest singing "You're Cooler than Me"
wondering: if we will have yet another Snow Day this week! (I hope not!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh no - is it snow MORE there? It is here in NEOh. The kids & I just shoveled a couple inches off the driveway - and there is still ice underneath from LAST week's storm! {Don't tell them - but I like it when we're out there working side by side - esp. when there's not too much grumbling about the job to be done.} Stay warm Suz!


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