Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chemo is Completed

Got a hold of my mom at the hospital today with my sister. They were hunkering down for an expected 12 more inches of snow!!!
My mom said my sis finished her chemo last night and was still in pretty good spirits, but thought the chemo was starting to take effect as Linda was more tired. She said my sister should probably start losing her hair on Tues. Crazy stuff! However, my aunt's sister's husband has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and he never lost his hair after chemo. So, one can always hope, right? However, I'm sure my sis will happily lose her hair if it meant NOT losing her fight with this beast.

Then, my sis got on the phone briefly and we talked about her boyfriend, and how sweet he was taking care of her while he was there. She said he treated her like a princess. Be still my happy heart. Love that for her! She was worried about him driving home in the snowstorm. He had about a 4-5 hour drive home. (Actually probably longer due to the bad weather conditions). Good guy. Definitely want to keep the friends that are walking in when everyone else is walking out, KWIM?
(Not to say that has happened to my sis in this situation-her friends have been awesome! That is just my point-she has great friends who are very supportive and true blue.)

Hope your weekend was full of some joy and laughter. Looking forward to a quiet evening at home with my boys.


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  1. Still thinking and praying for your sister. I truly hope she wins her battle...x


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