Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Finding JOY in my "Inbox" -Again

I was mindlessly checking my emails and deleted junk when I came across one today that, on second glance, made my heart skip a beat...or two.

The email was a request for publication of a card I had created recently! It is to be in the July 2011 Issue of Scrapbook Trends magazine. I was so completely shocked and excited all wrapped up into one little mound of JOY. Serious happy. Serious joy. Come to find out, my dear and uber-talented friend, Lexi, is also going to be published in that issue as well!

In other less exciting news, we had yet another snow day and have a "late start" tomorrow. So ready for winter to be over. I'm sure I am not the only one across this great nation of ours that thinks this, no?

This morning, despite school being canceled, I went over to what used to be Ethan's school and helped set up the book fair. Only the two chairpersons showed up. I guess people figured no school in session, no set up. I can understand that, but no matter what the fair is open tomorrow, so it needed to get done and since I've been the chariperson there for several years now, I figured I go help out.
I came home and baked Valentine's funfetti cupcakes and made red beans + rice with sausage for lunch. Strange combo I know, but all of my boys loved it.
Came down with a massive headache but managed to work some more on the curtains I have been sewing for our basement anyways. They are nearly done. I just need to buy more grommets for the second panel and have my sweet "Tall Boy" Mick help me hang the rods and then I'll post some pics.
Crossing my fingers that they lay correctly and the patterns match up! Had a lot of helpful phone conversations with my awesome MIL regarding the construction of the curtains, so feeling pretty positive!

Gotta get the boys to bed...more later friends!
Stay warm!

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  1. Wow! Get you! :) So pleased about the ST publication. We can't get ST over here anymore so you'll have to scan the page for me instead!


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